BPD, stigma in medical/health industry 

I just had a really unpleasant experience at a health/medical clinic. The information they sent through about their processes (including Medicare claiming) was really lengthy and difficult to understand (so inaccessible, really), and whenever I’ve contacted them to ask a question or request further information they’ve been really rude. I just called and provided feedback on this but I was really anxious about it because they know I have BPD; people often dismiss feedback or complaints from folks with BPD as us being ‘difficult’. It’s awful because we experience a lot of poor treatment due to stigma, and then our complaints often don’t get taken seriously.

BPD, stigma in medical/health industry 

@overcome_with_emotion That's a nice feedback loop they construct.. be terrible, then wonder why some patients get frustrated with them.

If the Dems wind up winning both the Georgia runoffs, I damn well hope Biden can *finally* be persuaded of the merits of single-payer, so there's no such thing as worrying about how to take care of the transaction, as the finances are *all* purely internal.

BPD, stigma in medical/health industry 


Hey, I know that feeling.
There's times where I've said nothing because I knew my complaint wouldn't matter & other times when I have made complaints & have been treated as the bad, difficult, bpd woman.
The stigma in medical fields is disgusting.

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