I feel like a totally demented person. I'm sitting here filling out an application for a PhD at Oxford university with no chance of getting in. Why am I doing this to myself?

I went to Chicago in January this year. It's the only good thing that happened. And I'm still paying for it, so not really.

Yet another wasted day, another fraction of a wasted life

Decided earlier to learn r and python which is only funny because I've had 40 books out of the library for a year without reading one and I haven't started my proposal or my assignments for this year so yeah, definitely need to prioritise r and python.

I forgot to ask for decaf ten hours ago. I lay down to sleep three hours ago. Im so bored.

Every time someone writes something about AI (ai) I think they are actually typing Al (AL) and really just like. Going in on @swirlz and Im always very taken aback like I really dont think anything theyre doing spells the end of the world tbh.

I'm guessing this latest insomnia is antidepressants related, which is a weird assumption seeing as I've had insomnia all my life. Why would there be a reason now? Wouldn't it be neat

Just emailed the gender clinic for an appointment 😇😇😇😇

I want to increase my antidepressants but my Dr is very keen on lowest dose possible. Is there a magic thing I can say?

Ready for some more toots about toots? I fart therefore I am

I'm just scared they're laying eggs in my earholes or something

I find butterflies in my room. Have done for years. Only about one a month. Where are they coming from?? They're never in any other room in the house. The look like red admirals

I have a question. Don't tell me the answer if it's too creepy.

Not sure of protocol, probably should cw enya

I've heard sail away by enya in two different things ive watched today.

I can still get a little dog and call her Isis can't I?

Been waiting all night to get up, get warmly dressed then open my rainy stormy window to let all last night's farts out. Horrific

might start telling people to 'go fly a kite'

Justifiably used the phrase "I don't want to make promises my bracheosaur can't cash" in a message so I guess I'm done for the day

Bp is fine but appaz my pulse is VERY low. Starting to wonder if I'm dead

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