I have taken off my mask and beneath it lies another mask

I love the term "moon logic" because I love the idea that logic somehow doesn't work the same on the moon as it does on earth

humans are just a bunch of water and carbon molecules that tricked themselves into having anxiety

a family can be two nonbinary people and 150+ worms on a string

Any rat owners about? I want to get rats again later this year and I want to do it right, but so few breeders in the UK

Someone I really like on birdsite has a new puppy and in only two days it's made me totally hate them. A part of me believes they are trying to do their best, but why didn't they do more reading in the previous 8 weeks while they've been talking about getting a puppy!? Yes, it is hard work, how is this a surprise !?

Teaching myself R for statistics but I have to do essays I don't care about first and all I want is to be rich enough to subscribe to datacamp

I have so much work to do I want to stay in bed 4 eva

My 19yo kid is not a millionaire YouTuber so I think I'm gonna have another kid, better luck this time

Argh I've got an interview about my PhD proposal and they want me to do a 5-10 minute presentation. In 5 days time! Fucking heck

the funny thing about how bad capitalism is is that you can say pretty much any random anti-capitalist thing you can think of and no matter how silly it sounds you're actually always right
like, watch:
being rich should just be illegal

This morning I am reading movie scripts. This is my job, yes I would like a pain au raisin and a coffee with that

Plus the class is full of reply guys who 'well yeah it's more a comment than a question' want to blab on about Goffman to show off their undergraduate knowledge

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Any Ethnomethodology experts have a shit hot resource on how to do em on text I would be very grateful - I'm very unclear on where to start after only having 4 weeks of classes on it, 2 weeks of strikes and a really waffley lecturer

Have deactivated hellsite for a bit because 'debating' transphobia is not a good look. Just don't do it dickheads

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