Did I post this already? I found it with some birds.

TW: Capitalism, homelenessness

Via the Census Bureau, guess which three US metro areas have the highest percentages of same-sex households.. ^_^


Tip for non-Black people about anti-blackness on fedi 

Whenever you see a post by a Black person that you fave or boost, go ahead and look at the replies

You're bound to see some people being anti-black there, especially if the post was about racism

Then you can report (or ban) these people and you'll also start to see just how rampant anti-blackness is here, as people have been saying all along

hrt-related extremely cursed shitpost 

okay so hear me out

nyall know like,,, slimegirls? like cats but they're slimes

but what if the slime was estrogel

Thursday Outbreak repost, long, very silly 

We're receiving reports of an outbreak of Thursday, rapidly moving westward.

Update on today's Thursday outbreak. Plans are already being put into motion. A controlled release of Friday has been performed in Kiribati and we are tracking its spread west through New Zealand.

If you are still experiencing Thursday, do not panic. We expect the expanding wave of Friday to reach your location within the next 24 hours, sooner in most locations. The death toll is not expected to exceed 160 000.

Further news on the Thursday outbreak. The decision to perform a controlled release of Friday to displace Thursday was taken with full knowledge of the risks. Unfortunately, control has been lost and Friday is now spreading unchecked. The chair of the advisory board has submitted her resignation. Simulations show a >90% chance it will develop into Saturday if control cannot be reestablished. We advise you to make all appropriate preparations.

Update on the ongoing Thursday and Friday outbreaks. Thursday continues to be displaced, with Australia and parts of Russia now reporting as Thursday-free. Sadly, that's the extent of the good news. Friday has hit the Eurasian mainland and containment is now likely impossible. We are not abandoning attempts to control its propagation, but success is unlikely. We are considering options for Saturday mitigation, but have ruled out deliberately introducing Sunday at this early stage.

The Thursday outbreak appears to be contained. Cleanup is proceeding in the remaining affected areas, and is expected to be complete within four hours. Friday remains at large. Be watchful for signs of developing Saturday.

And that's it! I had far more fun than I expected to writing this whole Thursday Outbreak thing, considering it started as a throwaway joke. That said, while I could go on, I think I'm going to draw a line under it here before it outstays its welcome. I hope you all have a lovely Friday!

If you should ever be confronted with great danger, just remember Peridot's words.

@Mastodon a few other highlights:
- registration forms now have some rudimentary anti-spam measures baked in, which should get rid of most of the non-Mastodon-specific registration spam open and approval-based Mastodon instances get
- you can now select which replies to display in lists (any reply to people you follow, only to members of the list, or none)
- searching for a known private toot via URL is now much more reliable
- unread notification markers
- inconsistencies in followers between two Mastodon 3.3.0 instances get fixed automatically when processing follower-only posts

Talking to yourself, + 

"Talking out loud to yourself is a technology for thinking"

"A lot of attention has been given to the power of spoken self-affirmation as a means of self-empowerment, in the spirit of positive psychology. However, as Kleist says, talking to oneself is also a cognitive and intellectual tool that allows for a wider array of possible use cases. Contemporary theories in cognition and the science of learning reaffirm Kleist’s speculations, and show how self-talk contributes not only to motivation and emotional regulation, but also to some higher cognitive functions such as developing metacognition and reasoning."


Good morning beautiful faces :purple_blue_fire:

:meowcamera: One of my favourite things to visit during my time in Japan were the gardens. They calmed me down so much :fuchsia:

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So someone on twitter tried to survey how people draw circles: clockwise or counter-clockwise? Someone suggested it's strongly correlated to your dominant hand, and their hypothesis is that right-handed people draw circles counter-clockwise, and left-handed people clockwise. Let's see if this is correct! Please select in the poll below your dominant hand, and the way you draw circles. Sorry for ambidextrous people, only 4 choices on polls here :(

Image of road advisory sign for the probably the most confusing spaghetti of road in the world with caption "Trying to work out your sexuality when you're plural".

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