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blue lives that matter:

blue whale
blue spotted puffer fish
hyacinth macaw
ulysses butterfly
bluestripe garter snake
blue-ringed octopus
carpathian blue slug
blue lobster
blue jay
blue starling
steelblue ladybird
blue crab
blue headed agama
dyeing dart frog
blue dasher
blue poison dart frog
mountain blue bird
eurasian blue tit
blue dacner
ribbon eel
blue man group
blue meanies
all other blue things except cops

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No screen reader or braille displays, no eye tracking for the paralyzed, no information to screen magnifiers so they can move while typing, no . 100% fuck you GTK. Fuck. You.

What does this mean for disabled people? Back to Windows for you!

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i've been filling these requests this afternoon, but i still have some funds for this so please share widely where needed ->

free binders/chest compression garments! useful for trans, nb, and gnc folks, or for folks who need em for any other reason

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permanently insulted by the existence of scratch and sniff. what a depraved duality of actions we are expected to accept.

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"With streaming services there's no reason to pira-"

Exclusive content

Content that can easily be removed by any contract changes

Region locking

Not being able to offically know which content is available before subscribing

Bad UI

DRM playback

Online only

Only on supported devices/OSs/browsers

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under 1/6th Earth gravity, a giant leap for kittenkind would be *amazing*.

would really like to share a place on the moon with some kittens. they'd be all -

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US Politics (+++) 

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tech, security, everything is horrible (-) 

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Y鈥檃ll: Joss Whedon has a history of erasing and demeaning Trans Women, throw him into the fucking sun 馃槨馃尀

Us: FUCK YEA, GET FUCKED WHEDON鉁婐煆解湂馃従鉁婐煆筐煠!!!
*3 hrs later*
Us: This white woman has a history of erasing and demeaning Blk/PoC and Queer WoC馃檯馃徑鈥嶁檧锔忦煓咅煆锯嶁檧锔忦煓咅煆库嶁檧锔

Y鈥檃ll: Why you bringing up Ancient History, tho馃檮馃拝馃徎? Ppl can change. #RestorativeJustice

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w.l, racism 

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Who called it realizing you're trans and not suspension of cisbelief

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