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AD 775 and AD 994 • Two specific landmark years in carbon dating; a significant astronomical event resulted in larger amounts of C-14

Weird Alibaba EVs • Selection of odd electric vehicles theoretically available from China :metafilterfunnytootme

GTFOBins • A list of Unix shell tools that can be bent a bit to give yourself elevated system access not exactly as an exploit, but more just working out of a restricted environment :hackernewsunixshellsudosecuritytootme

Weatherspark fingerprints • Novel visualization of a year's temperatures in one diagram

Hydrogen fuel uses • Thoughtful article about where hydrogen energy storage can help fight global warming and where it can't

Samsung TV SSL breakage • Yet more fallout from the Lets Encrypt cert change: Samsung TVs stopped being able to make secure connections in the Plex app

Circumcision and STIs • Large study in Denmark finds circumcision does not prevent STIs like HIV. If anything, is is positively correlated with some STIs.

YourAdChoices • Clearing house to opt out of personalized ads from many services. Turn off your ad blocker before using it.〈=EN

Facebook outage effects • Excellent Cloudflare analysis. They had 3x normal DNS traffic! Also an inference on which countries use Facebook the most

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