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Mick Jagger at a bar • Fun article about the rockstar going to a random dive bar in Charlotte and no one recognizing him

AdNauseam • An ad blocker that simulates clicks on all ads in an effort to poison the tracking data and disrupt advertising

7 types of programming • A taxonomy of kinds of computer languages: Algol, Lisp, ML, Smalltalk, Prolog, Forth, and APL.

Working in VR • Notes from someone using an Oculus Quest 50 hours a week :hackernewsvroculusvirtualrealitytootme

OpenThings • Simple home automation controllers (sprinklers, garage door) based on open source and Raspberry Pi-like platforms

Sci-Hub is essential • A nice essay explaining how the most important source of scientific information is partially unlicensed but absolutely vital

Cooperative Overlap • A conversational style in which someone else starts talking before the first person is finished. Not to interrupt, but to augment.

Bitcoin electricity consumption • Energy wasted by the cryptocurrency. 11.6GW, or roughly the power used by 10 million American homes

Tall el-Hammam's destruction • Evidence that a city in the Middle East was destroyed by a meteor around 1650 BC :hackernewssciencetootme

Willis Wonderland • Referenced in Demi Adejuyigbe's Sept 21 video this year, the site they filmed the video at

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