@robey she's a treasure, long time admirer of her work. tippecanoe is an excellent piece of tech.

ConstitutionDAO scam • The feel-good cryptocurrency attempt to buy the US Constitution is at best underprepared for the aftermath. More directly they seem to be completely failing at issuing refunds after a brief sojurn into trying to scam folks into some new useless cryptotoken vice.com/en/article/qjb8av/con

Project Sunroof • A very slick and non-spammy Google project to give you some idea whether solar on your roof makes sense sunroof.withgoogle.com/

Russia's orbit pollution • Demonstration of satellite dropped a whole lot of new debris right in useful LEO orbits where Starlink, etc operate leolabs-space.medium.com/analy

Google arbitration opt-out • Bullshit that Americans have to do to keep their legal rights when they buy Google hardware partnerdash.google.com/apps/de

@aphyr but it's American! (Albeit manufactured in Brazil, lol.)

@deejoe my own damn fault. I preordered in the brief window when the official (shill) reviews came out before the game release and everyone realized what a mess it was.
I'd like to think Rockstar might fix it but honestly the problem is in their whole philosophy for how the game port was done. They'd have to do an enormous amount of work.

CSS shadows • Nice little generator site; pick a color and a type of shadow and it does the rest joshwcomeau.com/shadow-palette

@deejoe I made the terrible decision to buy it and Sony won't give me my money back. It's really a disappointing port.

GTA Definitive bugs • A video clip of some of the really sloppy things Rockstar did with what should have been a great game release youtube.com/watch?v=3DoWupLpcZ

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