Enjoying a little picnic on the EC 9 from Koblenz to Basel.

Leaving the Mosel now, headed down to Basel. Then back up to Strasbourg, then across to Paris over the next week or so. Been posting pictures etc @nelson@twitter.com. Here's a sample.

Got the Linux distribution! Now creating a bootable USB key with software that literally looks like this.

Mastodon I love your plucky spirit but why does your UI have to be so tiny and awful. Check out this video; screenshot is actual size on the default UI.

Putting an "Eid Greetings" stamp on some mail. It's not the right season, but it gives me so much pleasure that the US has an official postage stamp with Islamic calligraphy on it. Quite beautiful, too. lgbt.io/media/CKn-XGoQFBUXBERF

Super Bowl Sunday, the magic day where websites try to be #1 for the query "what time is the super bowl" without actually revealing the time in the snippet. lgbt.io/media/QDrk-x0f3BeRDDNv

I'm impressed with how Spotify is figuring out that I like a very diverse set of music and that they are different genres that should not be mixed. lgbt.io/media/dwzkYJlCePupP07x

Fun graph about the timeline of lactobacillus fermentation of sauerkraut. Bacteria for primary fermentation give off the CO2; dies after about 3 days. Then the acid-producing bacteria take over.
(Source is "Microbiology and Technology of Fermented Foods") onlinelibrary.wiley.com/book/1

Man I love Google Image search collages. Here's some fully automated luxury gay space communism for the New Year. lgbt.io/media/f_8-5XYSQ-YeEfVy

Facebook recommendation failures.. I'm tired of seeing semi-porny "join this group" things. I mean congrats for figuring out I'm gay but, no, I don't want to join these.
Bonus shoutout for the image recognizer finding an image of bears but not realizing it's a Far Side cartoon, not a way to get laid. lgbt.io/media/RlJZiGbfwgUSlO4l

Working on making a good rip of my new Blu-Ray of a remastered Liquid Sky. Super surprised to learn the soundtrack is in mono. I thought it was a problem with my Blu-Ray device, but IMDB confirms. lgbt.io/media/bN457AEmcof5_NMO

Butler's Pantry Crumpets: like English Muffins, but dumber in every possible way. Convex so the jam slides off the sides. Holes go all the way through so the butter drips out. lgbt.io/media/5ReqhOv_XJHtEW57

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