"Later that year, [Ted] Nelson got permission from the publishers of Vladimir Nabokov's _Pale Fire_ to use the elaborately annotated parody in a hypertext demonstration. The idea, like most of Nelson's contributions, was rejected by the sponsors of the Brown experiment." wired.com/1995/06/xanadu/ that would have been pretty rad though


@aparrish have you read about the history of Wax, the Discovery of Television Among the Bees? Another pioneering hypermedia / hypertext artwork that I feel is nearly forgotten.

@nelson i haven't! looks fascinating though, i'll put it in my queue. thx!

@aparrish ok :-) I'm not sure how much is online now. The movie itself is a normal movie. But then he cut it up into a website (in like 1997), and a MUD-type game, and a bunch of wacky stuff.

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