Consistent frame rates • Clear explanation on how to set up FPS, G-Sync, etc to have a clean consistent framerate

UK PornBlock • Tweet thread on the failure of the UK to impose a "you must be 18 to look at porn online" law. Verifying age online turns out to be super hard.

Calibre and Python 3 • lololo "I am perfectly capable of maintaining python 2 myself. Far less work than migrating the entire calibre codebase."

objc_msgSend • Fascinating detail for the core low-level message dispatch function in Objective C. The new type is absolutely wrong in all circumstances, forcing programmers to cast it :hackernewstootme

Getting Sherlocked by Apple • What to do when Apple muscles in on your product. "But all along, we really should have been worried about our platform provider, Apple" :hackernewssoftwarecompetitiontootme

Where is Wendy Carlos? • Thoughtful essay on the slow disappearance of an electronic music pioneer

Wildfire Risk map • A house-by-house map of fire risk in California, something a little like the proprietary FireLine scores that insurance companies use

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