Strange Keyworld • Clever platformer game; give it a few screens to show what it's about :waxytootme

Beamforming • An attempt at an intuitive explanation of the WiFi magic .11acmagictootme

Animal Crossing Pattern Tool • Excellent resource for creating and sharing custom patterns for the Switch game

Shared cM Project • Neat genetic genealogy tool; plug in your DNA match with someone and it shows you likely relationships. ie: 2% match means maybe a Half Great Uncle

Spritz speed reader • An RSVP app for mobile; always wondered why this idea wasn't more popular :reddittootme

Running your own mail server • 2020 edition, complete with making sure Gmail will accept your mail and a script to automate it all

Sonos S2 plan • A coherent technical plan for a new Sonos operating system. Old players won't be able to run it, but will continue to work and get bug fixes

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