Legality of "safe and sanitary" • Details of the judicial process overseeing immigrant treatment. Note that these abuses pre-date Trump and will probably last behind them; they are American, not just Trumpist

Drag Queen story time in Grass Valley • Tempest in a teapot controversy in rural California because some people are mad that royalty came to read a story to children. The kids look to be having a good time.

Ta-Nehisi Coates video • The transcript of his comments to Congress on slavery reparations was good, but hearing him speak is really powerful

A Cleaner Emacs Build • Lars went through and fixed a bunch of compiler warnings in emacs ++buildcompilingtootme

MH370 five years later • Langewiesche doesn't really have anything new here, just more suggestions the captain killed the plane

Mumbai Typoday • 2019 winners of a typography contest in India; see previous years as well :metafiltertootme

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