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I'm migrating to a new instance; please find me

I'm migrating to a new instance; please find me

Painting Robot • Adrian Bowyer is working on taking GAN-produced images and painting them in acrylic with a robot

Mozilla Fathom • AI code to parse a web page DOM and tag it with annotations about what the pieces of the page are likely for

Musk and Twitter filings • Lots of evidence of late filings, wrong filings, things that all sure look like they add up to fraud to me

Worldcoin going badly • Company that promised cryptocurrency in exchange for eyeball scans is having a bad time. Part of their business plan is exploiting local labor.

Apologies for any spam flood of toots. My Mastodon instance has been mostly down for a few weeks, and I think still not in the federation properly. Stuff delayed for many days all shows up at once.

Binance scams • Largest cryptocurrency exchange allows absurd levels of leverage, then screws its marks when its own systems fail

Flags in Unicode • Emoji committee no longer taking flag proposals; it's an impossible task :waxyflagsunicodeidentitytootme

Better Nate Than Ever • A Disney movie for kids starring a 13 year old boy who may or may not be gay but is proudly flamboyant

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