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I'm very sorry Mastodon friends, but I think I'm going back to birdsite. Mastodon's tech is OK and I like the friendlier community, but it's just too small and too many people I want to communicate with aren't here. And I don't have the energy to split my attention between both.

I'm going to keep posting my linkblog posts here, they are automated. Won't be offended at all if you unfriend me because you're not interested in them. And I'll be over until the Nazis there get me down again.

Karl Rove's kinky dad (NSFW) • Details on Louie Rove, his gay father, and his love of genital piercing

Goodhart's law • When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure

Dymaxion sunset • jwz simulates sunrise and sunset on an unusual map projection

Computing Pi in Javascript • Observable notebook; Javascript sure has come a long way

Crypto Utopia in Puerto Rico • Various shady business bros formed a blockchain thing in Puerto Rico

Underscores in Python • Various ways the _ character is used in Python; some idiomatic, some built in

Californian taxes in 2018 • Impact of the GOP/Trump tax plan; richer Californias get a significant tax hike

SoundPrint • "Yelp for Noise"; crowdsourced measurements of noise at restaurants

Papua New Guinea lodges • Luxury travel in an unlikely place

Mexican Repatriation • American ethnic cleansing from the 1930s

PyPI postmortem • Failed rollout for the Python package hosting, nice writeup

Internet lightbulbs • How many cloud servers does it take to change a light bulb?

OLPC retrospective • Utopian project to give laptops to kids in poor nations did not end well