WSL and floating point • long doubles don't work in the Linux-for-Windows environment. Simple workaround, should be fixed, but isn't.

Heroin on the SF bus • Depressing conversation where everyone agrees if you see someone smoking heroin on the bus in San Francisco, you should probably just ignore it

Ad code impact • Survey of web sites shows ads use up a lot of resources. Google's two main ad systems each take 300ms and are ubiquitous

Paul Vixie has had enough • Famous old Unix expert goes on an anti-Google rant. He's not wrong. :hackernewspaulvixievixietootmedns

Safe Withdrawal Rates • A detailed analysis of how much you can spend based on a retirement nest egg. Not sure I agree with all of it, but it's a very thorough framework.

Since Parkland • Young journalists profile 1200 children who were killed by guns in the year since the Parkland shooting

Emotional vocalizations • Creepy-but-cool webapp of non-linguistic sounds humans make to express emotions :metafilteremotioncommunicationlanguagetootme

TV Signal Locator • Tool to estimate what digital TV signals are receivable at your house

European hate speec compliance • Internet companies like Twitter and Facebook are doing significantly better at removing hate speech: if it's flagged, that is

Shadow • Cloud gaming service where it's mostly "your computer" but a high power gaming PC in a datacenter

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