Alloy: politics tech • A new progressive non-profit collecting political data for progressive causes and candidates

FCC and rural cell service • Someone at FCC finally test-drove cellular service and found (surprise!) that the carrier's self-reported service was nowhere near as good as stated in rural areas

Best singles of the decade • Some musical history going back to 14,000 BC. (Be sure to play samples, gets interesting back in the 1970s and before.)

Links of the 2010s • Remarkable attempt to round up a decade of interesting Internet culture :waxytootme

More Quadriga weirdness • Founders of a Canadian crypto company have a long history of fraud. One's death in India looks less plausible now.

NordVPN sleaze • Allegations that NordVPN is working with a malware company to use unwitting people's computers as VPN endpoints :hackernews

Independence Day (Hawaii) • Today is the anniversary of Hawai'i being guaranteed its sovereignty in a treaty with Great Britain and France 'itootme

Ryan Russell • Only out LGBT player the big American sports, nice photo of him with his boyfriend

Queer like Pete • An explanation of the type A-gay that Pete Buttigieg represents. It's legitimately queer, just different from what straight America is used to

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