Robinhood is predatory • Stock trading company pushes its users to gamble frequently on the market rather than investing responsibly

spatialite vs GDAL • Beloved simple spatial database isn't updating with respect to GDAL and PROJ, the crucial spatial computation libraries. Fork discussed.

Bugchasing • 2014 scientific article on HIV+ men deliberately getting or giving HIV with others

Encrochat hack • European police hacked a secure phone system and recorded zillions of criminal messages :metafiltertootme

Sexuality in WoW • Detailed reading of queerness in World of Warcraft, but you have to look real hard for it. No major LGBT characters.

Games Logos in Arabic • Fun project to make typographically matching logos for video games but in Arabic

Sridhar's search company • Former senior engineer manager at Google starts Neeva, a search company without ads. Based on Bing

Reefjs • Very minimal Javascript DOM manipulator. Will update DOM efficiently based on changes to data, but otherwise doesn't do all the complicated stuff React or Vue do

MongoDB isolation failures • The amateur enthusiast NoSQL database continues to have problems with transactions

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