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Nelson Minar

Buying gas. The pump encourages me to try my hand at gambling, then plays loud ads at me.

Merikins • African-Americans who fought for the British in the War of 1812 and were relocated to Trinidad

Bots vs Al Franken • Sexual harassment allegations amplified with digital propaganda

Twitter abuse management • Details about bad leadership possibly being part of Twitter's abuse problem

Taxes and charitable donations • An economic argument that charitable donations should not be tax deductible

The extra 45 minutes of sleep that make all the difference.

Chimerical colors • Fun color illusion; fatigue the eye and it can see impossible colors

OH: " It gave my friend the soundtrack for her Ruth Bader Ginsburg striptease act."

“Black Panther” and the Invention of “Africa” • Thoughts on colonialism from an African-American perspective

Man a lot of people are wrong on the Internet today. Sundays are the worst on Facebook.

Killmonger was right • A nice exploration of the central ethical quandry of Black Panther

Altered Carbon is terrible but I'm 5 episodes in out of 8 and feel sort of committed.