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Nelson Minar

Ethnographic map of Austrian Empire, 1855 • I georectified a beautifully detailed map posted to reddit

Daily life of an HSBC exec • This has to be a parody. For instance, it's not realistic to take Caltrain to visit VCs in Palo Alto for a couple of hours in the afternoon

Nonesuch in OKC • Fun food writing about a very fine restaurant in an unlikely location

CA-50 picture • An odd and close political race in California between an indicted Republican and a Democrat -50tootme

Security at the DNC • Long detailed article on what Raffi Krikorian has done as CTO of the Democrats, improving their computer security

GEDmatch profile • Details on the small genetics / genealogy company that's been used to break cold cases. /cc @ericajoy

Painkiller - Judas Priest • Lovely cover by two kids totally rocking out and having a great time. They do a whole series of these