FTFY • A Python library to magically correct mojibake and other forms of broken character encoding github.com/LuminosoInsight/pyt

Space Station near disaster • Docked Russian ship fired its thrusters and spun the ISS around 1.5 times. Counterthrust from other docked ships prevented even worse motion. nytimes.com/2021/08/02/science

Immaterial: Sophie, Gender, and Identity • Thoguhtful musings on a musician and video artist working on transgender themes medium.com/@henrysaurus/immate

Hacking printer tracking dots • Modern printers all print a code on the page that identifies you. Here's some software to manipulate that. github.com/dfd-tud/deda

Pac-Man and porn (NSFW) • 1982 article in a porn magazine is remarkably detailed about Pac-Man and its culture. Also contains some burlesqueish images of naked women. retrobitch.wordpress.com/2021/ :metafilterculture1980stootme

What's the best way to merge two home networks? I want them to look like one LAN: 192.168.* addressing, Windows file sharing, etc. I've got Linux servers on both networks and also Ubiquiti routers to run tunnels, etc on. The Starlink network has double NAT (one carrier).

Inter font family • Lovely simple sans-serif font, open source rsms.me/inter/ :hackernewsfontstypographysansserifdesigntootmeopensourcefree

Amanda Knox's words • Victim of a bad prosecution talks about the problems of being famous and yet without any power as other people appropriate and misrepresent her story amandamarieknox.medium.com/who

Dyson Sphere designs • Youtube channel for someone who's making beautiful designs in the game Dyson Sphere Program youtube.com/channel/UCRqgwnzLv

ColorfulTabs • Firefox extension to color tabs based on the domain name of the site. Doesn't seem to change the window title though :-( addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef

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