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Nelson Minar

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I'm very sorry Mastodon friends, but I think I'm going back to birdsite. Mastodon's tech is OK and I like the friendlier community, but it's just too small and too many people I want to communicate with aren't here. And I don't have the energy to split my attention between both.

I'm going to keep posting my linkblog posts here, they are automated. Won't be offended at all if you unfriend me because you're not interested in them. And I'll be over until the Nazis there get me down again.

Information Wanted • Heartbreaking documents of African Americans trying to reunite their families after slavery ended.

Gang of Eight • The last serious effort to reform immigration in the US, in 2013. The compromise bill had 68 votes in the Senate but was killed by the GOP in the House

They scream “Mami” and “Papá” over and over again • Audio recording of kids in internment camps while their guards make jokes

Supreme Court dodges gerrymandering case • Such a shame, this case is super important to the near-term future of our republic

Cages for kids • Border Patrol says it's not inaccurate to say we're putting kids in cages, just they don't like the term

Child separation reality • Interview with an immigration advocate who describes in detail the process at the border right now

History of ICE child policy • Details on how America came to be a country separating children from their parents

Elle Mills coming out • Young YouTube star makes a sweet video. I'm totally baffled by YouTube culture but this is nice.

Trump charity fraud • Details of the NY AG indictment sure look like Trump broke the law flagrantly. The question is, will anyone care?

Paul Pressler, predator • Leader of the Southern Baptists has a long history of sexually abusing boys and young men