51% attack cost • What it costs to break a cryptocurrency entirely. Answer: sometimes it's not much. crypto51.app/

10 years of weather • Nice timelapse of NEXRAD data youtube.com/watch?time_continu :kottkeweathermapvisualizationearthtootme

Opera browser fraud? • Detailed article about the Opera browser company's other business, loaning money in poorer countries. Article alleges predatory lending and fraud. hindenburgresearch.com/opera-p

Blocking Google favicons • Custom ad blocker rules to block the new crap Google added to the results pages. At least for now; it's a fragile change. support.google.com/websearch/t

Cancel culture tropes • Summary of ContraPoints latest video on being "canceled" on Twitter, specifically the framework she uses to analyze how cancellation works. reddit.com/r/ContraPoints/comm

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