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I'm very sorry Mastodon friends, but I think I'm going back to birdsite. Mastodon's tech is OK and I like the friendlier community, but it's just too small and too many people I want to communicate with aren't here. And I don't have the energy to split my attention between both.

I'm going to keep posting my linkblog posts here, they are automated. Won't be offended at all if you unfriend me because you're not interested in them. And I'll be over until the Nazis there get me down again.

Unleaded Avgas • The decades-long saga of replacing airplane fuel with an unleaded version continues

Discussing fascism responsibly • German interview with far-right party AdF successfully engages them respectfully without giving them a platform

Awesome-WSL • some improvements for Windows Services for Linux

The whole nine yards • More details on etymology, looks like a phrase that has 400 years of history meaning generically "a lot"

On interviewing Nazis • Adam Davidson and Noel King talking about whether she should have interviewed Kessler on NPR

NandGame • Building a computer by wiring together TTL logic, starting with NAND gates

Separated family • NPR interview with Mircy, a woman whose 3 year old was taken from her at the border

Twitter loves InfoWars • Refuses to boot the conspiracy hate group, even after acknowledging they broke Twitter's rules

VIA x86 backdoor • 2003 model CPU has a full hardware backdoor giving you immediate full system access.

Kara Swisher on Twitter • She puts her thumb on the problem, lack of coherent vision and values at Twitter

Six Months at Riot Games • A former employee speaks of her experiences with sexual harassment at Riot Dublin

Fascist rally in Portland • Details from the August 4 march by Patriot Prayer and fellow travellers

Responsibility for child snatching • Congress should subpoena Trump administration to figure out who was responsible for the atrocity policy