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I can't find a period tracker or a mood tracker that fits my needs

I don't want to know if I'm going to bleed on a certain day, because I assure you I'm not

I don't want reports on how I felt the last 7 days. I was there

Tell me if I'm at that point in my cycle where I'm going to wake up feeling miserable and hating myself

That's all I want to know

I can't get over this book. There's a whole section in the back with a glossary that breaks down gender related terms in a way kids can understand. And if they're not engaged with that, there's a couple activities they can do like making princess crowns

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I figured out what it was. I'm anxious because of all the waiting.

I'm waiting for the county to get back to me with my name change.

I'm waiting for my breasts to grow more.

I'm waiting to be eligible for GRS.

I'm waiting for my turn to get a COVID shot.

I'm waiting for this death march project to be over at work so I can start managing a team my way instead of every day being constant stress.

Face would all be big improvements in my life but there's not a single thing I can do to make any of them happen sooner. I feel helpless.

I got up to pee and now I feel anxious and nauseous like something is wrong but I don't think anything is wrong at least on a level that I need to lose sleep over.

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Cw: child abuse 

I'm in a fucked up headspace because someone asked if I had a transition "support network" outside my social media friends

I have local people I've met online but we can't get together in person because of COVID.

I have a support group but the Zoom chat misses a lot of the spontaneous sharing and bonding that happens offline.

Going to first grade with a red handprint across my face and not having any grown ups intervene still hurts. I don't even know what it would feel like to have someone support me. Few people really have.

I don't know what it would be like to have someone to listen to me, to reassure me that I'm pretty, that I'm not a freak when I get dysphoric or self doubting.

I got my wife some special pastries just in case she got…a craving.

I spent as much on booze as I did on groceries and I regret nothing.

Shout out to the woman who ran the curio shop and kept calling us "dears".

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Last night my wife said she had a great time going out for ice cream and visiting some little shops in the square with me and our son.

I remembered she spent a lot of time behind us. I thought she was just freeing up space for other people on the sidewalk.

But now I think she was just soaking it all in, enjoying being a family together, and enjoying being with a woman.

I like to think I've given her the freedom to be herself for the first time too.

The perfect condiment for trans girls' french fries doesn't exist…

The in-home phone battery replacing guy NEVER SHOWED UP today. I've been without a fully functioning phone for a week now and I can't deal.

The router that UPS claimed was delivered on March 3rd finally showed up Wednesday.

Fedex claimed they delivered my printer today but I wasn't home. I was home all day. The doorbell never rang.

I'm so tired of this. All I'm doing is paying to fix or replace things and nothing comes of it.

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serious question for trans ppl only 

does it bother you when cis people say things like "oh i know so and so who is trans" or "so and so's kid/friend/etc is trans"?

boosts appreciated

I don't want to deny people their newfound pride in their body or joy in their sexuality, but I would like to be able to follow trans people on Twitter and still read my timeline on my work computer. 😬

I'm feeling so over the tech industry right now. It's so fucking dysfunctional. I'm not even talking about the sexism.

Apparently I'm not the only one eager for me to get GRS.

Look at this kid and tell me with a straight face that I was cis and heterosexual.

I felt guilty about ordering a new Surface Pro 7 until I realized my Surface Book is from 2015 and I'm just now having battery issues.

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