Remind me not to do my shopping list while intoxicated.

This is apparently a request for kimchi or sauerkraut.


Me: sooooo...TikTok seems to think I'd like this.

Wife: Are they wrong?

Me: Well, no...

I got my wife some special pastries just in case she got…a craving.

The perfect condiment for trans girls' french fries doesn't exist…

Look at this kid and tell me with a straight face that I was cis and heterosexual.

As you can imagine, I have very mixed feelings about William Shatner's birthday.

Never meet your heroes. Or, I guess avoid their social media accounts at all costs.

I never thought a push-up bra would appeal to my sense of humor as much as my vanity.

A reminder to my trans brothers, sisters, and sibs: you don't need to sign up with a special bank or get a special debit card to have your chosen name on your plastic. Go to CucuCovers, upload an image, and use the credit card font for your name. I've never had a merchant care.


I made sushi tonight! It tastes great even if it doesn't look so hot.

The glare sucks but I acquired two new prints from an artist down the street and I love them! His site is

Such a wonderful, affirming message from the Solace app this morning.

I hope my local credit union's debit card will look sufficiently queer with this sticker on it.

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We've started a little winter garden in the kitchen with bell peppers, tomatoes, jalapenos, and garlic. All the seeds & bulbs came from vegetables in our crispier drawer. My son and I are looking forward to seeing how well they grow.

I don't feel a connection to these clothes anymore. It's time.

This pin is so me!

(This is where you ask "which one" and I say "yes")

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