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Come work with me at Grindr! I’m expanding a diverse web engineering team so I'm looking for a Sr. Full Stack Engineer who will report to me. You'll help us build an exciting new web React application and modernize the Grindr dot com web site.

We offer a uniquely queer environment with great benefits (including Folx for your HRT needs!) and unlimited vacation.

@nakedambition Is that a part of Grokio? Their sites are very inaccessible.

@devinprater we're independent, and I'm certified in accessibility so you can bet it's one of my top priorities!

@nakedambition Like I'm a part of the Feabie Grokio community and like it's gross. The "what's on your mind edit field actually has a "ghost" edit field under it, and sometimes focus just is put there, so yeah nothing's entered into the actual field. And the main links are labeled with letters. So "messages" is like "a", help is "e", awful crap like that. Funny how "inclusive" companies are often not actually inclusive of everyone.

@nakedambition If you could use someone with mainly LAMP experience (and decades-old experience in C++, Object Pascal and a few other things), let me know -- but it sounds like that's substantially different from your stack.

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