Gay & trans slurs 

God it sounds like such a fucking humblebrag but I got honked at three times on a walk today and I'm upset about it.

I've been on the other side. I know these guys have heard the message about street harassment and they don't care. They're probably proud of it.

I knew this was a risk when I transitioned. I knew it would be a problem when I started passing more. But I wasn't ready for it.

I just wanted to take a walk. I wasn't putting on a show. And these same guys would probably call me a faggot or a tranny or worse if they saw me face to face but today from the comfort of their cars I was just a woman on the sidewalk by herself and an easy target.

The other day an older man "complimented" me as I put my groceries in the car then drove off.

I don't know why I expected better in enlightened liberal Boston. Bros are bros everywhere. And this is only the beginning.

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