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I'm not usually big on putting myself out there visually but would there be interest in a YT channel or IG feed about inexpensive, nutritious, simple meals to make -- specifically geared toward trans or even lgbtiqa+ youth who weren't necessarily taught even the basics of boiling water and done in a non-judgemental way?

I feel like this is something I could do as I pretty much had to teach myself to cook when I moved out and I've gotten good at it but I remember how daunting even lighting the gas stove was.

Would you subscribe to something like that? Would it be helpful? Would you maybe join a Patreon if you can to support something like that?

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@nakedambition I would 100% support this and know plenty of people who would enjoy the content!

@nakedambition This sounds awesome. [We probably wouldn't watch it ourselves because video is overstimulating, but!]

@nakedambition I would absolutely watch this, yes. Like, "how to food" was a major sort of developmental hurdle for me as I started in on proper adulthood, and figuring out the intersection of cheap, healthy, simple, and tasty was one of the most rewarding skills I've ever developed. I would have appreciated the leg up as a younger adult, and I'm still happy to discover new ideas today.

@nakedambition My partner @Canageek has a book called How to Boil Water, which iirc is recipes aimed at undergrads/people living alone for the first time

I don't remember much about it, but it might help

@nakedambition we'd love something like that ! YT would be best for us since we don't have instagram though . also a dual post to peertube or something would be cool too !

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