How I use content warnings 

Content warnings are one of my favorite things about Mastodon.

I understand how easily a word or situation can trigger a trip to the darkest places of your psyche. Whether you're dealing with CPTSD or recovering from addiction, the world can feel like a minefield.

I don't want my account to be part of that.

I cw things of a sexual or highly personal nature. I cw references to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. I cw talk of racist or sexist behavior.

I cw long posts like this one and use the cw as a title. Line what you see? Tap to read more. But you don't need my long rambles filling up your timeline.

How I use content warnings 

@nakedambition Zigackly. ^_^ They're not tools of censorship - they don't reduce readability, just offering people a choice to maintain wellbeing.

Even with stuff that's absolutely safe for just about anyone, I tend to CW longer rambles, simply so - as you note - folks' timelines don't suddenly squirt out of view because I've posted some ramble on headphones or video encoding minutiae. =:)

Indeed, with long toots, I find CWs very helpful to get the brain primed with what someone's talking about - I find I can read and /understand/ the toot more quickly that way.

That list of CWs is a pretty good norm. Politics goes without saying as well, and some find talk of food uncomfortable, so I CW that as well; not for my benefit, but simply giving anyone for whom it /is/ an issue that choice.

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