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Updated introduction 10/2020 

I'm married (monogamous), bisexual, trans, geeky, and a proud but exhausted parent. We live in Boston, Massachusetts. I love cats, cooking, computers, and staying healthy.

Most of my posts on this instance are about my transition, which I'm pursuing with the help of a supportive & loving partner. But this is also my main Fediverse account these days so expect a lot of random geeky stuff too.

Most of my retro computer content is posted on my @danaross account.

On this instance, I use she/her pronouns.

I follow back if you look interesting. Most people do. I love the wide variety of queer & other voices that have found a home on Mastodon. But I'm not interested in your racism, sexism, or other bigotry.

Don't expect a lot of selfies. I'm sorry to disappoint.

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How I use content warnings 

Content warnings are one of my favorite things about Mastodon.

I understand how easily a word or situation can trigger a trip to the darkest places of your psyche. Whether you're dealing with CPTSD or recovering from addiction, the world can feel like a minefield.

I don't want my account to be part of that.

I cw things of a sexual or highly personal nature. I cw references to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. I cw talk of racist or sexist behavior.

I cw long posts like this one and use the cw as a title. Line what you see? Tap to read more. But you don't need my long rambles filling up your timeline.

Between Spiro and trying to drink more water I don't think I've gone to the bathroom less than twice in the middle of the night these past months. 😬

I was nervous about my first session with my new stylist but she's awesome. We're scheming to dye my hair fuschia next time. She's doing a test with a snip of hair.

Or she could be doing sympathetic magic on me. I haven't ruled that out completely.

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> "The anti-gender ideology is one of the dominant strains of fascism in our times. So the Terfs will not be part of the contemporary struggle against fascism"

Judith Butler sparing no terf in the Graun:

My wife is feeling more comfortable complaining to me about men at her work and in her social circles and on one hand I totally relate but on the other hand there's still that "not all men" reaction in me. I wonder if that ever goes away.

I never thought I'd see the day when my waist fit in a women's L dress just fine and it was my bust that was too big.

From on birdsite:

trans writers ‼️ pitch me your stories at

rates are $100-300 depending on the piece and experience of the writer.

RT this babes 🤓

I did it. I bought a cello! It should be delivered in a couple weeks.

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I want a search engine that only indexes sites that don’t have ads on them.


I love my Mistress. She made me feel so beautiful and so desired tonight.

I think my deepest needs are finally starting to click with her. Being enjoyed like a possession. Being reminded I'm hers. Providing service and being praised for my service.

She collars me every night before bed, and when we make love she has me wear it now.

It's helping her to separate this D/s kind of play from "kink", which brings up bad memories for her.

I'm feeling really glad I decided not to open up a T-Mobile checking account when they started offering them.

I spent over an hour in the ocean with my son yesterday and you would not believe how exfoliated my whole body is

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I didn't realize one of my gummies yesterday was actually two gummies stuck together. I suck on them for a while before chewing and didn't notice until I'd had them in my mouth for a while.

I had forgotten what being "stoned" is like.

I started listening to an audiobook of Venus in Furs. I know it's over a hundred years old but some of that shit has really not aged well.

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I spent a few weeks offline touching grass and i can conclusively say that most of y’all need to get offline and touch grass.

Or water or sand or look at clouds.

Just get off your hate-rectangle and step outside your bubble of validation and feedback of shitty takes. Go read some fiction. Read books on the edge of your comfort zone. Listen to some lectures.

"I dreamed I rode on a train where there were dogs you could bring home. How about you?"

"I dreamed I was part of a violent resistance movement in a fascist dictatorship run by medical insurance companies."

Clearly one of us needs to spend less time on social media. It's me.

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I need your help. My jewelry shop - isn't doing so well lately. Please boost. I ship worldwide!

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