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New year, new #introduction 

Hi, I'm a middle aged trans woman in a relationship with a cis woman. My hair is purple. I'm vegetarian. I have two cats. I like computers. I drive an electric Subaru. Why, yes, I AM a walking stereotype. Thanks for noticing.

I broke down and ordered a new (used) phone. I love this LG V30 but nobody will touch it to do a battery replacement, and I can't get a stable/complete version of Android higher than Pie for it. LineageOS can't even get its WiFi & data working right on Android 11 all the time.

It's still a plenty capable phone. I hate this throwaway culture.

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terfs and respectability politics, a thread

respectability politics (will be shortened to RP) are not new at all and arent exclusive to terfs at all, but terf's main use is of that

RP is when a group uses the "noble" idea that politeness and being respectful means you -

My meeting with HR was... interesting.

"I'm starting a gender transition and I'm hoping to start bringing my full self to work as they say"

"OMG I'm so excited!!! Yes, for you, but I've never done this before!!!!"

Basically the same reaction my boss had.

I'm glad they're on board!

Ok so the "community meeting" for the parents at my kid's school is at 8:30 *am* not pm which is in ten minutes and I'm still in my PJs oh boy.

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*phew* came out to my boss. World didn't end.

Someone called me "young lady" today and it was the most validating thing ever.

She thought I was young!!!

I guess it makes sense that Switch was my favorite character in The Matrix even though she had so little screen time.

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terfs and controlling the conversation, a thread


terfs dont argue in good faith, and arguments are generally not actually about evidence but about just looking correct, terfs employ the same tactics as the alt right as they control the conversation, which gives them -

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petition to rename the thing people do where they take cyberpunk and then remove the punk

it will now be called: cybercore

and y'all can go take your "politics-free aesthetic" and fuck off, cyberpunk is for when there's punk in it,,,


I need to come out at work.

Coming out at work means I can come out in my public personas (social media and GitHub).

And before that, I need to come out to family so my in-laws don't freak out when my name changes on Facebook.

So work is the next domino to fall.

I just need to get. it. over. with.

My son's teacher has been greeting me with "hello Dada" all week and I was thinking of saying something until today I realized that, no, she thinks my name is Donna. She's been saying "hello Donna" and I just now heard it right 🤦‍♀️

Who raided my mp3 collection to use in The Umbrella Academy?

After having all my races cancelled this year I now have TWO virtual 5k's to do next month!

One is for a local LGBTIQ+ youth organization and it's the first race I'm running as Dana.

A big downside of a 12" laptop is I'm running out of room for stickers

I don't remember which of you turned me on to CoQ but congratulations it's become an obsession.

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fucking aaaawesome. apparently some vendors on Wish ripped off my Queer Hacker sticker and they're putting it in a bunch of hacker sticker packs. filing a DMCA tomorrow. Don't Fucking Buy Stuff Off Wish, Kids

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