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Updated introduction 10/2020 

I'm married (monogamous), bisexual, trans, geeky, and a proud but exhausted parent. We live in Boston, Massachusetts. I love cats, cooking, computers, and staying healthy.

Most of my posts on this instance are about my transition, which I'm pursuing with the help of a supportive & loving partner. But this is also my main Fediverse account these days so expect a lot of random geeky stuff too.

Most of my retro computer content is posted on my @danaross account.

On this instance, I use she/her pronouns.

I follow back if you look interesting. Most people do. I love the wide variety of queer & other voices that have found a home on Mastodon. But I'm not interested in your racism, sexism, or other bigotry.

Don't expect a lot of selfies. I'm sorry to disappoint.

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How I use content warnings 

Content warnings are one of my favorite things about Mastodon.

I understand how easily a word or situation can trigger a trip to the darkest places of your psyche. Whether you're dealing with CPTSD or recovering from addiction, the world can feel like a minefield.

I don't want my account to be part of that.

I cw things of a sexual or highly personal nature. I cw references to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. I cw talk of racist or sexist behavior.

I cw long posts like this one and use the cw as a title. Line what you see? Tap to read more. But you don't need my long rambles filling up your timeline.

I didn't realize Kim Petras was trans (I only sorta follow pop music) and now I'm starting to wonder how much of a coincidence it was that Unholy started playing when I sat in the dentist's chair.

Thanks for playing the music of my people I guess?

Literal fucking -35°F wind chill right now in Boston. It's warmer in some parts of Antarctica.

My inner child ran away in last night's dream. The rest of my inner family were all too busy to find him, but as my motherly aspect I put on my cape and searched. I found him hiding in the basement beneath the gift shop in Maidenform's corporate headquarters. The poor thing was so scared, as I remember being at that age (12). Going through the wrong puberty sucked, and I did everything I could to assure him it would turn out alright and we would grow up to be an amazing woman.

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You do not have to watch the video of the latest atrocity. Yes, we must bear witness. But that does not mean you, as an individual, must watch every single video, every single time. Know your limits. Whatever you can give will be enough.

Dear Shinichi Suzuki,

Is that really a "French Folk Song"?


Lady Eris help me I'm chaperoning a field trip with first graders

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So, my new book comes out in ONE WEEK, gosh!

It’s full of stories from the Section 28 generation, people who lived through the UK’s original “don’t say gay” law.

Early reviews say that it's "a new kind of history" that "creates presence where there was absence."

I can't wait for people to read it. If you’re in the UK, we’re touring it in February:

(CW: photo contains eye contact)

I just realized something. That guy that took me to his bedroom to sit on his bed and show me his Rocky Horror memorabilia way back when. He was waiting for ME to make the first move wasn't he?

Finished my eye appointment and was going to run an errand. Thought I'd grab Starbucks by my destination but something told me to go to the one right there.

I was helped by an enby who got a big smile on their face when they saw me.

In a world full of Karens, be a Dana.

One of the best things I did was journal my transition so far. It's fascinating to look back on how far I've come!

I had an impromptu conversation with an elderly woman at the coffee shop. Told her a little about my job and that I was off to attend a meeting.

As I left (but was still within earshot) I heard her tell her daughter "she is such a sweet girl".

It just goes to show that age doesn't equal prejudice.

Kiddo and I have really gotten into Among Us this week. Love seeing all the trans rep in people's username banners.

There were a few rough spots getting a first grader up to speed on the game mechanics. There were tears the first time they were killed and plenty of "it's not fair". But also a chance to learn and damned if the kid isn't a sneaky Imposter at this point.

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ok, one more time for the forgetful, the sheltered, and the new:
Queer is a slur. That's the point. That's its power. The thing that makes us a group is that to straight people we are not different as we are to each other. To them we are all just a bunch of queers. That's it. That's the identity that matters for a liberatory politics; unity through shared oppression which we end for one of us by ending it for all of us.
The people, hated the same as us are in the fight with us.

I don't like posting a lot of work shit here but I just spent a couple days in West Hollywood with my coworkers. Being there with the Grindr team is like a drug. I wish Boston had a true gayborhood like that.

My flight back from LA got in after midnight. I took today off hoping to go back to sleep after my kid went to school but now there's tree trimmers working in the neighborhood and there's chainsaws and a wood chipper going right outside my window. Fucking hell.

I watched the Rob Zombie "Munsters" thing on Netflix. That was definitely something. The casting was good. Lots of potential there. But the script and directing kinda fell flat.

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I really hope 2023 is the year of the weird and chaotic nude bear (comic by Lukey McGarry)

In 2022, my therapist pointed out that sometimes I make a difference in someone’s life just by walking into a room. Seeing a transgender person my age, in a leadership role, happily married with a kid – I’m everything young folks like me were told they could never be. This was the year I felt like I stepped out of the shadows. This year I lived by my personal and professional values with stronger purpose. I took opportunities to put myself out there, to be vulnerable. I wanted to be an example. I wanted to be the inspiration I never had.

Everybody’s head turns when the woman with pink hair walks into the room. What is she going to say? I want to reach further in 2023. I’m going to put myself out there in new, more daring ways this year. I want to inspire everyone who leads people in today’s remote friendly, diverse, digital workplace. In the process, I hope I can continue to inspire the folks who need my example the most.

Selfie, EC 

God I look so fucking cute in this picture

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Selfie, EC 

60°F weather in December is kinda weird and honestly a little disturbing but it was a good opportunity for my first bike ride since hurt my leg in October. My 11 mile route took me through the Arboretum and the Southwest Corridor.

Along the way, I listened to the audiobook of Set Boundaries, Find Peace by Nedra Tawab - possibly the most engaging book l've read all year. I wish I was able to send this back in time to my past self, but I'm glad to know have a better grasp of boundary setting going forward.

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