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Updated introduction 10/2020 

I'm married (monogamous), bisexual, trans, geeky, and a proud but exhausted parent. We live in Boston, Massachusetts. I love cats, cooking, computers, and staying healthy.

Most of my posts on this instance are about my transition, which I'm pursuing with the help of a supportive & loving partner. But this is also my main Fediverse account these days so expect a lot of random geeky stuff too.

Most of my retro computer content is posted on my @danaross account.

On this instance, I use she/her pronouns.

I follow back if you look interesting. Most people do. I love the wide variety of queer & other voices that have found a home on Mastodon. But I'm not interested in your racism, sexism, or other bigotry.

Don't expect a lot of selfies. I'm sorry to disappoint.

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How I use content warnings 

Content warnings are one of my favorite things about Mastodon.

I understand how easily a word or situation can trigger a trip to the darkest places of your psyche. Whether you're dealing with CPTSD or recovering from addiction, the world can feel like a minefield.

I don't want my account to be part of that.

I cw things of a sexual or highly personal nature. I cw references to alcohol, drugs, and gambling. I cw talk of racist or sexist behavior.

I cw long posts like this one and use the cw as a title. Line what you see? Tap to read more. But you don't need my long rambles filling up your timeline.

OMG just demoed what my team has been working on for the past nine months to the entire company.

Went well. I'm gonna faint now.

I'm thrilled I can finally say something about it. My employer is now covering many of the costs of gender affirming surgeries, including things that get overlooked like hotel/airbnb stays.

Also other transition related expenses like work appropriate clothes and name changes.

Psst .. we're hiring!

Oh hey looks like is back up. I've missed you all.

I dreamed I needed to file form 1084ω with our taxes because of some new "assets" I acquired in 2021

GRS, bummed out 

I've started investigating my options for bottom surgery. This is a LOT to think about. I've started trying to project manage my way through it which is helping make it less daunting.

I hate that this is something I even have to think about. I don't want to think about depth and lubrication and how I want my labia to look. Why couldn't I have just been born right in the first place?

One thing I noticed was looking at all these close up post-op pictures really distorted my sense of how "big" a deal this is. Once I kind of mapped out where all this would happen on my body, my fear of pain and discomfort shrank.

I got tired of doomscrolling and getting depressed.

Please consider joining me in donating to Equality Texas in support of trans kids. Every dollar helps in the fight against bigotry!

It hit me that my life has rewound to age twelve.

Before male puberty.

Before social pressures to "be a man" ramped up.

Before the abuse ramped up in response to my growing independence and filled me with shame and doubt.

Before I gave up the cello.

We talk about transition as a "second puberty". This is like a whole new life. I've been given a second chance to find who I am. :trans_heart:

I had a dream about my inner child, Tourette Syndrome, and playing the cello.

The kid's going to be ok ♥️

Trans child, trans parent 

"Mama, Mama! I have to show you my trick"

"Jumps in the air and twirls her dress around*

"I love how my dress goes up like that when I spin!"

"Honey, sit down. There's an important moment in every trans woman and girl's life where she gets to experience that. We call it 'skirt goes spinny' and I'm so glad you got to experience it so young."

I saw my old self in a dream last night. He says he's proud of me.

I reached out to an adopted cousin I never met.

We probably don't have much in common but I wanted to try to make a connection.

I'm embracing the role of the parent/big sibling my inner child never had and it brings me so much joy!

Congratulations little Dana. You finally learned to use a sewing machine.

Ok well the fabric store didn't have all the parts I needed to get the sewing machine working so I ended up buying a new one. At least it was on sale.

I always wanted to learn to use a sewing machine. For $15 I think I can afford to give it a try and see if I like it!

(Please boost!)

Come work with me at Grindr! I’m expanding a diverse web engineering team so I'm looking for a Sr. Full Stack Engineer who will report to me. You'll help us build an exciting new web React application and modernize the Grindr dot com web site.

We offer a uniquely queer environment with great benefits (including Folx for your HRT needs!) and unlimited vacation.

It's suddenly dawned on me that I'm working at a place I could wear my collar to work and people would be like yeah cool but could you send your status report in by 3:00?

Drugs, mh 

I had some depression symptoms and took 5mg of a sativa tincture and I was my usual self before I got to the top of the stairs.

This is amazing. I can just get on with life.

Antivaxxers are taking sprio to prevent covid so I better stock up on pickles in case they empty the shelves.

Who am I kidding? The shelves were so empty at the grocery store this weekend.

Kiddo and I christened the new Belgian waffle maker and if anyone needs me I'll be in a food coma.

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