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How I use content warnings 

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New year, new #introduction 

Barely lewd humor 

Felt down. Walked 3.5 miles round-trip to stop in some little shops that are open again. Came back with Trans Pride flag socks, Ada Lovelace socks, and a much better mood.

This has been a rough day physically and mentally.

Woke up at 5am because one of the cats wanted to play fetch. Ugh. Can't get back to sleep.

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doctor's website had a pop-up dialog form that included a gender field but there was a close button on the dialog so i just went with that option and that's my gender now.

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I've discovered that Podcast Addict can subscribe to YouTube channels and this is, frankly, life changing for me.

Went out to pick up Starbucks yesterday in women's clothes and my long-ish "Corona hairdo".

Didn't get called names. Didn't die of embarrassment. Might have gotten catcalled though (wasn't paying much attention)?

That was nice.

Nazis, gender, long 

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GNU/Linux distro poll 

Wife told me she wanted to look at my "box stache" and I thought she insulted my personal grooming but it turns out she wanted to visit my "box stash" and use a piece of hoarded Amazon packaging to mail a birthday present.

A friend and I were talking about Super Mario Bros. 2 (US) and I remembered I always played as the princess. So many signs back then…


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Another nice thing about the Fediverse is that J. K. Rowling isn't on it.

Long toot 

The game Mewnbase from that itch bundle is totally my thing.

Fortunately my laptop battery died so I want playing it all night.

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regarding recent TERF stuff (genitals, pregnancy, menstuation) 

I don't think a single one of you remembered my birthday. Tsk tsk.

If you want to make it up to me, please send a couple bucks to Boston GLASS to support LGBTIQ+ youth of color.

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