Social media is just kind of the worst...
I should delete Facebook off of my phone...

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Yo, where can a girl just get some normal ass affordable cotton pajama shorts...
I'm not paying 30 euros for fucking Sesame Street or Mickey mouse print, or 25 euros for some pseudo lingerie that looks way too small, even tho it's XL, marketed towards super skinny cis women.

I just need some fucking shorts for wearing around the house ffs...

Am I Latina?
My mom is South American, from Suriname, specifically. But I don't think Suriname is commonly regarded as part of Latin America, mainly because it was colonized by the Dutch, and there's a larger Dutch cultural influence rather than Spanish or Portugese.

I'm unsure...

Got sucker punched by depression just now. Time for a nap...

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I love One Piece so much, but I hate how much of a queerphobic piece of shit Oda is...

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Introducing MENmaids

They're mermaids, but for MEN

Yo, recommend me all your good sapphic fiction! I need more stuff to read!
Preference for fantasy, sci-fi, and adventure type stuff.

So you think wordpress is gonna turn Tumblr into an actually working, usuable website?

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kink, body weight 

Mental health, loneliness, depression 


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if we abolished private property, just imagine how much rent money you could spend on podcast patreons instead

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