I think trying to emulate Twitter, Insta, FB, etc is a core piece of the problem.

Yeah, making those experiences open source is a step in the right direction, but we need to reimagine the social media concept itself because those paradigms were normalized without our interests in mind.

It's past time to let those ideas go.

@Are0h Yes! I should re-visit that notepad thing on moderation I put together a while ago and see if anything needs altering after some time has passed. 1/2

@Are0h I think the problem with emulating those user-facing experiences here is that the behind-the-scenes infrastructure and imperatives are *vastly* different, it can't work that way in a "community-owned" space (so much work needed there too, in terms of the labour requirements for entry to have your own instance both in terms of technical barriers and maintaining a long-term safe space) 2/2

@Are0h Also, I say "community-owned" because we all know it's still a few people building this network's software with an "our way or the highway" approach to other people's needs, and the highway doesn't leave much room to manoeuvre away from their grip on things

@Shrigglepuss@godforsaken.website And that lack of space are by design. Many software makers want the platform to be indecipherable so they can be the final say about what is getting built and, more importantly, who has a voice in that convo.

As long as tech people are the loudest in the room, the same issues will continue. And that's not even getting into the politicization white dudes consistently build into the software, so the online world matches their myopic world view.


@Are0h @Shrigglepuss I spend a lot of time wishing I had the connections to figure out how to build social tech that decenters technical proficiency as the primary "qualifier" for participation in defining where the tech itself goes over time.

Goddess knows I could make the tech happen, but I'm missing the key voices of... Well, everyone outside the white colonizer/capitalist tech bubble to know what to even build.

@mordremoth@lgbt.io @Shrigglepuss@godforsaken.website Bingo. Tech knowledge is just a qualifier they use to keep certain people out of the room. The code can be whatever we want it to be.

It's not a mystery why Masto for all it's blunder about independence replicated the issues it was allegedly trying to solve.

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