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I've had a family of wild rabbits living in my yard for a few years now (multi-generational at this point!) and every time one of them hops across my porch and looks in at me in my kitchen, it just makes the entire day better.

@mordremoth Aaaahh! Oh, gods, I know that'd be absolutely magical for me. ^_^

Still, I know there are foxes around - I need to get out at night sometime and see if I can catch a good moment!

Of course, the dream is to find somewhere close enough I can get there during the week.. I'd *love* to go rabbiteering again, all the moreso if it doesn't require a bit of a haul during the weekend - would be a bit of a pain to travel a couple hours and wind up just looking at grass. =:)


Wildlife picture (low quality) 

@porsupah Newest generation just confirmed today!

Wildlife picture (low quality) 

@mordremoth Aaaaahh! So *cuuute!* I so hope I can find buns around /somewhere/ hereabouts - those ears always make me melt. ^_^

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