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Interested in supporting my projects, or just, you know, helping me stay fed? Check out for some options! I'll be keeping that link up-to-date with the best choices moving forward.

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A blessing for the radical 

May you always steal joy out from under the nose of oppression;

And may those small crimes be fuel for our bigger ones -

Until there is no more need to steal our lives back at all.

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i dream of a world where people can come together, share a chuckle about our similarities, and get on with the good bit - where we revel in our differences.

nite, lovely people. be excellent to each other.

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help this person raise $450 for rent to avoid eviction

Pp - C1998dt

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my 10 yr old twins just had another growth spurt and are in need of jackets. Was able to find them both shoes on discount but my paycheck is spent! Still will need groceries this week.

So any financial help would be greatly appreciated by anyone who can afford to give. 💕

Paylinks are below:
Cash app & venmo: doublerainbowomg
#mutualaid #TipANative #showupforwishes #ActuallyAutistic #settlersaturday

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Show up & help out below:

CashApp: $Angiesey
Venmo: SolSal
PayPal: soleysal
ATH Móvil & Zelle: 787-966-6101

via @islandyke on twitter - if you send money, please leave a note that you supported via fedi.

#BlackTransCrowdfund #TransCrowdFund #BlackMutualAid #DisabilityCrowdfund #MutualAid:boost_ok:

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Surrealism was extremely influenced by Indigenous people and colonialism.

Lots to discuss here when it comes to the notion of discovery, cultural growth and change, the replication of culture, and appropriation. From art, to science, entire schools of thought changed with global colonialism. How much of the "enlightenment" expressed by Europeans and yt Americans (the whole of both continents) can be attributed to Indigenous people? Same with democracy, feminism, equity, scientific method, sociology, a total revolution in the European ideal coincides with the destruction and appropriation of thousands of global Indigenous cultures.

#colonisation #Indigenous #indigenousknowledge #traditionalindigesnousknowledge #tek #appropriation

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Call for Survey Participation on Assistive Technology 

Researchers at Purdue University are studying how disability and technology policy can change to make life better for people who use adaptive equipment and assistive technology.

If you use any of the following:
• Mobility equipment like wheelchairs, scooters, canes, walkers, prosthetic limbs, and more
• Dexterity equipment like hooks, grabbers, or other specialized manual tools
• Communication equipment like a talker or other AAC Device
• Assistive Software like Screen Readers, voice over, or eye trackers
• Adaptive computer interfaces like specialized keyboards, mice, buttons, or switches
• Or other similar devices

You are invited to participate in our study “Adaptive and Assistive Technology Users, Developers, and Technology Policy”, Purdue IRB 2022-759.

Survey link:

This survey of your experiences will take 10 to 20 minutes of your time and will help us transform technology policy to improve quality of life for Americans with disabilities.

#ColiberationLab #TechJustice #DisabilityJustice #Disability #AdaptiveEquipment #AssistiveTechnology #TechnologyPolicy

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so ... fighting every internal impulse to not do this, I am going to put my story out there and ask for help. this is extremely embarrassing for me and goes against everything i grew up learning ... but ... well ... i need help ... boosts are welcome.

so, i am effectively disabled but without any income because, as an immigrant, i didn't work long enough to get benefits. i am entirely dependent on the hubster. which is fine ... was fine ... until my parents started to decline physically and mentally back home in Jamaica. and now i am learning that my father has prostate cancer. my mother had stroke just under 10 years ago and is not physically or mentally capable of being fully supportive of him. i need to go home. i am an only child. all my cousins are decades older than i am - some are dead because i am the second youngest in my generation. i have to go home, plan to sell their house and put them in a space where they can get 24x7 capable help with the proceeds. the round trip ticket is in excess of US$700. if you are so inclined, i would appreciate the help.

i have a paypal here:

My favorite part of long, solitary walks is saying hi to all the friends.

Trees, squirrels, crows, ivy, large patches of moss...

I feel so much community just from greeting all the life.

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This #AntiracismSocialSaturday, I want you to start saving links of all the stuff people are linking for this Black History Month.

Save the books they are linking too. The reading lists made. Please only save the stuff that people want to share on a public level. When in doubt don't save it or ask if you're allowed to save it for future reference.

Why do I say to save this? So you have a list of things you can refer back to for later this year or for next year when inevitably so called allies will ask for the same resources again. Call them out for not bothering to learn anything. Call them out on the exploitation of labor. Call them out on their performativeness.

But also, the list is for you. No one knows everything. It's good to be able to pull up knowledge for the future and it helps you grow. Personally, I have been saving quite a few links, especially those that have an intersectional focus on Black folks, such as Deaf Black folks. Anyways, have a good day!

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Begpost, paypal link 

So the funds from before have dried up, and groceries are not lasting as long as I had hoped.
The 2 interviews I’ve had were duds so far, but I have another pair of interviews next Monday n Tuesday.
Regardless, i’m down to my last 2 dollars, with a couple days of food left :(
my paypal is @ bscannell87 , any help would be appreciated 💚

I am going to bed at 8PM and listening to the rain until I fall asleep - two for one.

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The brightest star can burn for a billion years and never catch a glimpse of its own radiance, if never offered a mirror.

Tell the people in your life you appreciate them - and why.

The brightest star can burn for a billion years and never catch a glimpse of its own radiance, if never offered a mirror.

Tell the people in your life you appreciate them - and why.

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My cat, my soul and reason for staying alive, is currently very sick and going to the vet today.

If you at all wanna help me with the costs, thank you. I'm sure I'll need it.

If you wanna pray to whatever gods love cats, do that for me.






Is anyone aware of who created the art for the "cyber heart" emoji?

My instance has it as this:


(Green heart outline, black fill, some line/circle details that resemble circuit board traces.)

I have a purple recoloring of it that I'm quite fond of, but I don't want to circulate the variant without crediting the original creator, if possible.

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people are like "you don't need to be ___ to be trans" but, like, fuck it. you don't—or, at least, you *shouldn't*—need to be trans to be trans.

everyone should be able to go on HRT, change their birth certificate, go by different pronouns, etc., hell, even get genital surgery if they want, regardless of whether they consider themselves trans or not, regardless of whether they meet some doctors' criteria or not.

our goal should not be to arrive at some acceptable definition of transness but to explode the trans/cis binary altogether.

SwitchBoard is finally getting complex enough that it's breaking in weird ways I didn't see coming, and it's hard to explain why this excites me so much.

I guess the bottom line is that it feels very real now, and actually is capable of doing some fairly sophisticated things... at least, right up until it hits a bug I didn't know I had.

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Looking for a new #webhost for my professional site(s). Is host gator still the good place? Where is the bad place? Advice plz

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black trans autistic gal looking for financial support; begpost; :boost_requested: 

So, guess who is still threading water with finance? IT'S YA GIRL >///<

I've been studying for that job test thingy and trying to work to no avail. I was able to take some days off and I'm felling somewhat invigorated so let's hope that this month I'm able to do stuff other than just... struggle to survive >.<

At least bills are a little lower this month because a new housemate means more people to split the bills even tho I had to pay for a emergency doctor visit for my nephew (that mom said she will pay me back but...)

anything helps! if you could boost this i'll be very grateful and ofc donations go a long way in helping me... eat, be alive and pay the bills that are due in a few days >.<

thanks everybody for your continued support. It really means a lot to me. 💜

#mutualAid #transCrowdfund #mutualAidRequest @mutualaid

stripe link if you'd rather not use ko-fi/paypal:

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mutual aid post 

howdy me again, your friendly neighbourhood disabled trans man! ive paid off the deductible for my surgery! but i still need about $250 usd to cover my copay, and they want it beforehand. unfortunately i am getting paid AFTER the surgery, so i can't grab it myself. my cashapp is $biackbiirds and any amount is helpful and appreciated!

#mutualaid #topsurgery #aid #boost #cashapp #help

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On Wednesday, February 8th, at 11am EST, I am hosting a #webinar on "Hacking #ExecutiveFunction for #Neurodivergent Burnouts".

This webinar is a light-hearted, affirming space to discuss how we struggle and strategize solutions together. Part of the session is based on my research with Autistic adults and part of the session is open Q&A.

Registration is free, though there is an optional fundraiser for a friend of mine who is struggling to make her house a home after enduring homelessness.

Registrants will be able to submit anonymous questions also.

You can register here:

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