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Interested in supporting my projects, or just, you know, helping me stay fed? Check out for some options! I'll be keeping that link up-to-date with the best choices moving forward.

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A blessing for the radical 

May you always steal joy out from under the nose of oppression;

And may those small crimes be fuel for our bigger ones -

Until there is no more need to steal our lives back at all.

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i dream of a world where people can come together, share a chuckle about our similarities, and get on with the good bit - where we revel in our differences.

nite, lovely people. be excellent to each other.

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Hey everyone, Quetza here. My household no longer has the money necessary to support both transition & housing costs, owing to a number of health crises in the last month.

Furthermore, the transition fund I set up for us has run dry as a product of that.

I know right now the protests are happening and you should absolutely be paying attention to them- I know I am. But if you could spare a dollar or so and send this out, you would be doing a powerful act of kindness.

Thank you so much.

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Be ruthless about protecting your peace.

Do not negotiate about your well-being.

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Hey, if you have any links to stories (or blogs) about folks that pursued a doctorate in Jamaica that isn't inspiration porn or exoticizing the country, please send me links!


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Paraphrased from an actual group conversation earlier today:

"We have the technology to do remote surgery, but we don't have the technology to do the dishes by piloting a mech from the couch. This is unacceptable."

As I said in that discussion, this is why I firmly believe that people will be the ones who invent and accomplish lasting change in the world.

Put the multiply-marginalized in charge.

I will never get tired of looking in the mirror and realizing that I am damn gorgeous.

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I'm still only intermittently well enough to work, the Lyft driver I had to take to my medical procedure broke my fucking walker, and now we're going to be nearly $500 short for another month at the extended stay we're stuck living in until my body gets its shit together

please support your friendly homeless disabled trans person and xir also-disabled Indigenous boyfriend. if I don't have that money by Monday things get a lot more dire and expensive

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund #Disability
CashApp/Venmo $nuktibromos

I can also add some commissions to my queue- I can't promise super quick turnaround right now but I have never defaulted or had to issue a refund. $50 for a painted fullbody and going up/down from there.

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We're still short $165 for medicine and supplies this month.

We're having to prepare for an abrupt drop in benefits which the government has shown zero interest in finding a way to offset, which leaves us having to ask for mutual aid to ensure we have medicine and supplies to last a little while.

Thank you so much to those who have already given. Boosts appreciated as well.

#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


Radical self-affirmation, boundaries, not related to anything here 

I cannot stop shitty people from trying to be involved in my life.

But I can damn sure make certain that they don't succeed.

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Mutual aid/financial ask 

So my car – the thing I can't live without in small town NC – started making some real fun (read: Not Fun) noises over the holidays. Fortunately the repair costs weren't as much as originally estimated, but I could still use some help paying that bill. My goal is $300 by the end of this week. 🤞🏾🙏🏾🍀💚
Any and all help and boosts are so appreciated!!!!!$sotreu2

#MutualAid #TransCrowdFund

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ginny founded KT, and was honestly the best admin i could've asked for. she fled the US due to being targeted by the Proud Boys

please help her pay her bills and live

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marcia is an artist and scholar who also fights for safety here on the fedi. they also made amazing hashtags people use to spread joy.

please support their studies, life, and joy

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My refill is already paid and on its way. All I'm worried about is the remaining bills, which are going to basically bleed me dry by the end of the month

Birthday month is next month and I'm hoping things will be better, January always sucks :/ As always, any and everything will be appreciated, even boosts.

Help your local disabled Moo survive~(if you have the means)

Thank you again, loves 💜💋

Here are some links:$melaniemoo

As a sidenote, I'm giving monthly reoccurring payments a try on ko-fi, I've also included a QR code that goes directly to my page!


#TransCrowdFund #BlackMutualAid #DisabilityCrowdfund #MutualAid

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My cousin is still seeking financial support for the family to organise a funeral in a remote community.
Danielle's passing was sudden and unexpected (Aboriginal death in custody). Her eight young children need help to mourn their mother properly.

#Indigenous #PayTheRent

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Don't really want to have to keep making these posts, but I need help paying for my dogs meds. It's $400 to cover six months of meds for them (not each, that's enough for both)

I heartbreakingly gave up one dog already after a year of financial crisis, but these two I'm even more desperately trying to hold onto. One is my 12/14ish year old retired assistance dog, and the other is my 1.5 year old in training assistance dog

- venmo/cashapp are sunfirewolf
- our confusing paypal username is beeees5 (that's the letter b, 4 of the letter e, than a letter s, then the digit 5)

#disabilityCrowdfund #mutualAid #transCrowdfund

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It's finally time! I'm formally introducing SwitchBoard, my project to build a new way of relating to digital technologies and communities.

Check out the announcement here:

I'll be sharing more details and ideas as I can!

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help a disabled queer afford life in general: i have a depop shop where i sell handmade chain maille jewellery, knitted goods, and new body jewellery

shares are very appreciated!

Today I struggled to do "useful things", felt bad, and then decided to quit doing that and just do things that make me happy instead.

It worked out great.

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mutual aid request, urgently needed 

Hey, I'm a disabled queer person, I'm not able to work as much as I'd like (I'm trying to work through that with professional help).

Because of my present issues, I need at least £200 ASAP to pay for bills (ideally £400 because my partner is currently in an overdraft covering for my lack of income).

If there's some emoji, emote, icon or vector art you'd like to get from me, I have commissions available (the latter two you'll have to DM me to enquire, I don't have pages for those yet):

If there's nothing you'd like in particular and you do have the money to spare and have appreciated the work I've done through Mutant Standard or something else, you can donate here:

Thanks 💚

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And no, I'm not saying this to be doom and gloom because frankly it's always been like this. Social media has just made it undeniable.

I'm saying this because the enemies of progress have committed to a completely unsustainable methodology and that creates even more opportunities for us to create communities and alliances that further invalidate what they are doing.

Our challenge is figuring out how to work together to mitigate the harm they are causing until it all collapses under it's own weight.

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Between the DEI backlash, massive layoffs, giving police virtually unlimited budgets, and the repeal of Roe vs Wade, it's pretty clear white America is determined to destroy any semblance of progress in the States.

And at this point, it cannot be denied that the US would rather not exist than not adhere to white supremacy.

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