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Pro tip: if you're writing code to poll a service frequently, and you care about the volume of traffic because it's through a satellite, don't forget that each call of a couple of dozen bytes, becomes 8KB when you include the SSL wrapping!

Had a dream about being trapped in a cave with water flooding in. Think it's because the noise of the stream at the bottom of our garden is so loud after all the rain at the weekend.

Spent the evening on LibraryThing looking for mainstream literature with explicitly bisexual characters. Found very little, and none (so far) by out bi authors. Depends on your definition of mainstream, of course.

Really should get started on my essay, but I've got some missions to finish in Elite Dangerous. Really must get started tomorrow.

On receiving an email from Apple about buying their stuff as gifts, I'm struck that the most recent iPhone, iPad and MacBook are ALL bigger and heavier than the ones I have. Am I really unusual in wanting stuff that I carry around to be as small and light as possible?

After getting no more than 3 hours' sleep, today I decided to go walk on the beach instead of doing anything remotely constructive.

I’m in London for a board meeting, but I wish I wasn’t. London has far, far too many people in it already.

Very encouraging tutorial yesterday - actually, the first time I've ever had professional feedback on my writing, or feedback of any kind since I did A-level English. He says I've got a voice. Actually I thought I did, I just suspected it was a bit crap.

Very happy with the longevity of the bluetooth headphones I bought a couple of months ago. They needed charging yesterday, 10 December. Last time I charged them up was when I bought them on 10 October. I use them for over an hour, every weekday, so that must be 50 hours or so on a single charge.

The founder of Pizza Express died yesterday. Is this why everyone's suddenly talking about pizza?

When someone's chatting about having a facebook id for friends that their family doesn't know about, and you ask them what their name/id is on there so you can connect, and they change the subject, I guess that's a pretty sure sign they don't like you that much.

Lost sleep over remembering a couple of times in class, when I was reading out my stuff, and people laughed. I can't remember them laughing at anyone else's writing. Was mine unintentionally funny or just laughably awful?

I've been writing for my own pleasure for 40 years, but next week I'm going to get my first ever professional feedback from a published author. So I'm worried sick^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hpretty nervous

Friends who post photos of food that's made of dead mammals on facebook or ig, are not my best friends.

When you're indoors, cheering and chanting from a nearby football stadium sounds kind of like the sea.

I keep forgetting to reply to work emails. Is there a cross platform to-do list system that allows you to drag-n-drop emails into it?

that's odd... just received a refund from a secondhand bookseller via amazon, yet they claim to have dispatched that book 3 weeks ago and amazon claims it will arrive by next weekend.

Mind you, trying to use the train wifi, lots of apps were giving me warnings about SSL failures. So I guess TransPennineExpress were trying to do something very naughty with their http proxy.

Despite pressing exactly the same buttons on the ticket machine as usual, as far as I can tell, I ended up with a cheaper ticket. Turns out it’s only valid on cross-country trains. Never mind, they have free WiFi, unlike the mainline trains.

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