I'm teaching summer school for high schoolers and their sex ed curriculum is decidedly lacking in queer/gender topics. (as-in, there's none. Nada. Zilch. Zero).

I'm aiming to fix that.

Please help me best teach the babies what we weren't taught by filling out this survey. :)

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I will celebrate the day Betsy Devos is dead.

I hope she knows that.

I hope I meet her someday to tell her that with a smile on my face.

Studenti (again, it's my life): [2/2] 

Studenti (again, it's my life): [1/2] 

Student short story mastahpieces include:

- Patty Vader (who cheated at a talent show with an electric guitar)

- the God of Disasters baked a cake with a blowtorch and his mother loved it

- John Thicc was referenced in TWO other short stories

- a were-cheetah fought were-lions (who killed his dad but bc his dad killed the lion's son?) and then realized he loved his best friend, a were-eagle, because they're mates which is based on scent and - oh, it was gay~

Students: short story assignment

In addition to John Thicc, another student wrote 16 pages of gay Naruto fanfiction.

I'm having a *great* time reading these

Student bbys are writing short stories. Main character in this kid's story?

John Thicc.

He's accompanied by Thicc Thanos and a pink unicorn (who dies, tragically).

[3] Summary of convos had with students yesterday: (TDoR) 

[2] Summary of convos had with students yesterday: (TDoR) 

[1] Summary of convos had with students yesterday: (TDoR) 

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Janelle Monáe is many people in alternate timelines at once, writes Sydnee Monday. She imagines black people into the future, in the midst of past and present threats of erasure.

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excited for the inevitable appropriation of pikachu into the blue lives matter discourse

Tryna grade. Jack is helping. (he cried at my feet until I picked him up). @mawr

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#JackIsCrying because both @missbird and I are home today and neither of us is playing with him and it's just not fair.

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