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Since I have no idea what to do of the impulsively-purchased, I am giving away free subdomains for anyone who wants one. Just DM me the IP and the subdomain you want and I'll assign it to your server IP

:boost_rainbow: Boost Welcome

affection @ you 

reply this post with an hug and you will get a kiss back! boosts welcome, the world needs more kisses u//u

looking for tech job, boosts welcome 

ok i am back from vacation so now i can more look into it, some people asked what i can do so

- i can do system administration, i am operating the pubnix which contains an nginx server, fastcgi, shell accounts (ofc), matrix server, email server (nothing fancy, just maddy) and IRC (ngircd)
- I have basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP knowledge. By basic I mean I can do some small stuff with it and can read code from it.
- I am comfortable with using the Python programming language. Been writing scripts, basic Flask applications and programming language prototypes with it. Can read Python code
- I have decent knowledge in C, I mostly create CLI tools with it. Can read C code properly
- I never really focused on a specific field in computer science, I just avoid AI, cryptocurrency and any stuff that involves economy

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Boosts welcome!

A codejam is starting in 1h30 in that is up until the 1st september!

The jam is to design and implement a programming language.
There are no winners and teaming is allowed!

Registrations are open!

new platform advertising 

friends of a good friend of mine are working on a news aggregator kind of like Hacker News, but with more than just tech! They are looking to have more users here.

here is a link:

looking for tech job, boosts welcome 

I have previously posted this as follower-only but imma post it public so it can be boosted, hoping I can get some help.

I am turning 18 on Feb 28 and I have a year to find a job for the next summer holidays.

The thing is that I am still in school but my dad wants to get me a job for the next summer holidays which is uh, probably some very manual job like doing grape fields for a champagne producing company.

I have a year to find a job and I would like to find a job that is likely tech related like software developer, system administration or repair service.

I am French and I have no diploma as I am still in school.
Literally any job will suffice as long as I have some sort of income.

Is there any "diploma-less" job I could do?

note: i am a beginner lmao, so if you can also share resources to get started i would appreciate. it's also good if you don't, i'll figure out myself

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hiya, uh, does anyone know some nice DAW on Linux for sampling especially?
I wanna experiment around with slicing and sampling music of my personal collection then put samples together in a track

watching pictures of plushies makes me cry of happiness

i am non-binary what are you gonna do about it

regex to match all existing pronouns: [A-Za-z]*

shitpost about corporate questions 

Would You Recommend Piracy To A Friend?


idk what country it is but the people of this country makes really good electronic music


more like
"aaaaa too lazy to write a config parser"

more like
free cool and good brain chemicals

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