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i have credit card now. domain name buying addiction may now begin.

omg i did it. is open for registration as a public BETA.
It's a pubnix, a public access computer with servers, social spaces and programming tools to create and have fun together as a community!

So far it offers HTTP, Gemini, IRC, multiple userlands and shells and a BBS protocol.

It is still quite bare-bones and the BBS client and package manager is still a work in progress.

If anyone is working on a pubnix and would like to start a pubnix network (kinda like tildeverse). Let me know I wanna do that too :)

boosts welcome

more like,
our expectation of your Success:tm: has increased by 150%

ableism, fsf bs 

so apparently people are now excusing the creepy shit RMS does by blaming it on autism??? what the fuck??
Not only has he denied being autistic, it also feels just rlly insulting?? Like,, Im autistic and i dont go around doing creepy shit like he does,!! why would that be a valid excuse??? Being autistic doesn't require you to be a creepy asshole, and it's especially fucking weird when this is used as an excuse for an allistic person

fucking techbros >:(

markov chain generated toot 

noooo blue light filter dont leave me alone??the doctor who for like a static site generator to me oops*well,, maybe a fast lfo to make a lot of stuff and stuff like that here much today im sorry if not physically killing me, it also feels just rlly insulting?? Like,, Im autistic and im always really paranoid about people leaving me,, and like,,, it messes me up so it locks you outalso gnome is currently a meow

surgery related shitpost 

centrist trans people get the middle surgery

hackthebox's starting point is overwhelming,,, no explainations,, it just tells me to use X script and do Y with it,,

oppression, sexual assault 

fuck this, poll time, boosts welcome.

Say there is a cishet guy you know who gets sexually assaulted. Would you invalidate this?

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oppression, sexual assault 

"BuT mEn ArE aLsO sExuALLy assAuLteD aNd gET inVaLidAteD"

What. I am a feminist and I would be one of the first to comfort a man victim of sexual assault, I don't care about their gender. They have been assaulted.

Also men are much less sexually assaulted than women,,, just saying.

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1. Oppress people
2. Act like the oppressed is the oppressor


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that is,,, a no-braincells move

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like, seriously. I came across this guy who says guys have less rights than girls.

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