social transitioning question 

I would like to start a thread here with a question.
Answer if you feel like it, don't feel forced uwu

How is your path through your transition so far? Have you learned cool stuff while going through it?

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selfies, some of them has ec, transgender transition, boosts welcome 

NOTE: The image description is quite vague, I am sorry >.<

Soooo,,, this is a compilation of my social transition from 2019 (when I found out) and now.

It has been a long and exciting journey that is not done yet! I am just putting this as a reference and motivation for people in social transition. I know it is hard, it is a long path and sometimes the conditions does not allow it but I believe in you!

So yeah, today I've been making this compilation and I realised how much I have changed since the beginning of my transition.

I have suffered and I have done a lot to get through this, this transition is about 2 years of work, 2 years of social and mental work. I am proud of all of that!

Thanks to all the people who helped me getting there, and will continue to help me in my transition!

If anyone needs help in social transitioning too, I can try to help you! DM me on Mastodon and I'll give you my Matrix or Discord tag.

I wish transitioning people a very good luck! :blobcatsurprised: PSA 

For users who registered throught from Mastodon I need to make a small announcement.

Someone accidentally powered off the machine and for some reason it's being wacky on reboot.

There will have a downtime of a few minutes.

I apologize for the downtime :c

i have credit card now. domain name buying addiction may now begin.

omg i did it. is open for registration as a public BETA.
It's a pubnix, a public access computer with servers, social spaces and programming tools to create and have fun together as a community!

So far it offers HTTP, Gemini, IRC, multiple userlands and shells and a BBS protocol.

It is still quite bare-bones and the BBS client and package manager is still a work in progress.

If anyone is working on a pubnix and would like to start a pubnix network (kinda like tildeverse). Let me know I wanna do that too :)

boosts welcome

re: oppression, sexual assault 

@ghost_bird I have no idea if he is legit misogynist or just rely on birdsite and niche online articles to come to a conclusion. He didn't research actually, the one who did research is uh,,,,, his girlfriend.
Its so visible that this girl has never been stared down by a weird guy or felt like someone was following her -_-
Yea go tell me there are cishet guys who gets stared down by creepy girls in the street I won't believe it.

re: oppression, sexual assault 

@ghost_bird @IngaLovinde Also its what he seems to point out. That people believe the woman more than the man.

Not that I am saying its true or false, I am just saying I don't care.
This guy is an asshole and I don't like him.

re: oppression, sexual assault 

@ghost_bird @IngaLovinde tbh i will stay neutral about this.

more like,
our expectation of your Success:tm: has increased by 150%

re: oppression, sexual assault 

@IngaLovinde The guy claims he has been assaulted. However someone else told me that the girl who assaulted him said the other way. Sooooo he maybe have been assaulted. There is nothing to prove that though.

ableism, fsf bs 

NT moment,,

Random autistic person: gets laughed at by people for being "weird"

RMS: nooooooo he is autisticccc that justifies why he does thattttttttt


ableism, fsf bs 

so apparently people are now excusing the creepy shit RMS does by blaming it on autism??? what the fuck??
Not only has he denied being autistic, it also feels just rlly insulting?? Like,, Im autistic and i dont go around doing creepy shit like he does,!! why would that be a valid excuse??? Being autistic doesn't require you to be a creepy asshole, and it's especially fucking weird when this is used as an excuse for an allistic person

fucking techbros >:(

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