note: i am a beginner lmao, so if you can also share resources to get started i would appreciate. it's also good if you don't, i'll figure out myself

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hiya, uh, does anyone know some nice DAW on Linux for sampling especially?
I wanna experiment around with slicing and sampling music of my personal collection then put samples together in a track

watching pictures of plushies makes me cry of happiness

i am non-binary what are you gonna do about it

regex to match all existing pronouns: [A-Za-z]*

shitpost about corporate questions 

Would You Recommend Piracy To A Friend?


idk what country it is but the people of this country makes really good electronic music


more like
"aaaaa too lazy to write a config parser"

more like
free cool and good brain chemicals

hate me all you want,
i am a fucking water drinker and you can't stop me

companies be like
look i have gay pfp y'all are valid please purchase my products


i don't want to die but i wish i never existed.

social transitioning question 

I would like to start a thread here with a question.
Answer if you feel like it, don't feel forced uwu

How is your path through your transition so far? Have you learned cool stuff while going through it?

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selfies, some of them has ec, transgender transition, boosts welcome 

NOTE: The image description is quite vague, I am sorry >.<

Soooo,,, this is a compilation of my social transition from 2019 (when I found out) and now.

It has been a long and exciting journey that is not done yet! I am just putting this as a reference and motivation for people in social transition. I know it is hard, it is a long path and sometimes the conditions does not allow it but I believe in you!

So yeah, today I've been making this compilation and I realised how much I have changed since the beginning of my transition.

I have suffered and I have done a lot to get through this, this transition is about 2 years of work, 2 years of social and mental work. I am proud of all of that!

Thanks to all the people who helped me getting there, and will continue to help me in my transition!

If anyone needs help in social transitioning too, I can try to help you! DM me on Mastodon and I'll give you my Matrix or Discord tag.

I wish transitioning people a very good luck! :blobcatsurprised: PSA 

For users who registered throught from Mastodon I need to make a small announcement.

Someone accidentally powered off the machine and for some reason it's being wacky on reboot.

There will have a downtime of a few minutes.

I apologize for the downtime :c

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