selfie, close-up 

@alanae Le eyeshadow really looks gud!!

@nikita yeah that's what I was wondering, I am dumb xD.
It's something I can't really relate am sorry :bunhdcry:


@xsFNBGAdt I have an adorable detector in my mind. I can detect cuties

Sometimes I am confused why some people wouldn't let cis people (usually cis men) follow their account. Or maybe I am just dumb.

toxic masculinity: not wearing a mask and talking loudly in public places

positive masculinity: making sure your mask is secure and then beating the shit out of that guy

@AgathaSorceress they ask why you /need/ long hair? Like, the funniest is that they think you have long hair as a requirement for smth

im sorry but every cis person who has asked me about why i need long hair is going in the gender machine

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