Drawing of I and gf shaped fren @MoonGirlLuna by my friend @nuggetspaceartzzz@instagram.com

Designing the front-end using the simple.css CSS framework and a few changes.

@deletescape Lmao the poster was so great I made this sticker on Inkscape. What do you think?

That moment when you have to rewrite lines of code because it's hella fucked up.

gender questionning, humor(?) 

So I was trying to explain how I feel like to someone as a non-binary and what was gender dysphoria. So I drew a male-female spectrum with how I look physically according to biological traits and then how I think I should be.

And this is where I got stuck, I couldn't place the pointer so I drew this instead and told my friend "I couldn't place the pointer as they quitted their job"

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