omg i did it. is open for registration as a public BETA.
It's a pubnix, a public access computer with servers, social spaces and programming tools to create and have fun together as a community!

So far it offers HTTP, Gemini, IRC, multiple userlands and shells and a BBS protocol.

It is still quite bare-bones and the BBS client and package manager is still a work in progress.

If anyone is working on a pubnix and would like to start a pubnix network (kinda like tildeverse). Let me know I wanna do that too :)

boosts welcome


Cool idea!

Do you have a document about how you set up the backend, such as the authentication system, etc?

Hiya @selfie complimenter !

I made the register today. I hope I can help you in the admin thing (I have some experience on that). Now I don't have the time and the resources to create one my own.


And if you need any help, you can call me. Promise to answer ASAP!

@matthilde this is super-late, but oooh! congratulations ^^

i learned about this though a tilde, and i'm really digging the whole aesthetic; it looks like you've done a really nifty job!

@matthilde That sounds so cool! That's the kind of services I wanna host to help ppl learn how to code without having to install anything complicated.

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