Just wondering to see if I am not lonely..
Neurodivergent people, were you a so-called Gifted Child™ when younger?

Boosts welcome

@matthilde Yes, as it happens. I remember doing a bunch of tests which were never explained to me but with hindsight were probably for autism, then going on a bunch of activity holidays run by the “National Association for Gifted Children”. (What I actually have is adhd, but they didn’t diagnose it back then.)

@ghost_bird @matthilde I didn't see this in time for the poll, but yes. I was actually scheduled for an autism test at one point but we didn't make it and it wasn't rescheduled (this was because I was acting out in class and having social issues post-parental-divorce/remarriage while also being an advanced student). My mom later told me that if Ritalin was more known in that small town in those years, I probably would have been put on it. Later realized I have ADHD.

@dani @matthilde Yeah, meltdowns in class at primary school was what it took for me too. Boredom plus a specific shitty teacher plus adhd problems with frustration and emotional regulation.

@ghost_bird primary was sOOOO easy for me that i was bored. I was also bullied in primary

@matthilde Yeah, same. And for two years I had a teacher who wouldn’t believe how fast I could read, so I ended up reading everything twice before asking for a new book.

@ghost_bird i used to be a good reader when younger, now adhd go brrr


@ghost_bird I knew how to read like a year or 2 before my classmates could properly read

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@matthilde Oddly, I was actually slow to start reading fluently - adhd plus being used to have my parents read to me at home - but once I got fluent, I was very fast.

@ghost_bird I think the thing I should be impressed is how fast I learned english.

For a bit of context, I dived into the internet quite early (when I was around 8 or so). I was often seeing english stuff.
I progressively learned English simply by browsing the web.
Yup,,, my current English knowledge is all due by talking to people online.

Now I swear by English (I even dislike French). I use English as much as I can because I find it much more comfy than French

@matthilde Your English is good enough that I routinely forget your first language is French - as someone who’s bad at languages, I’m genuinely impressed.

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