Just wondering to see if I am not lonely..
Neurodivergent people, were you a so-called Gifted Child™ when younger?

Boosts welcome

@matthilde Yes, as it happens. I remember doing a bunch of tests which were never explained to me but with hindsight were probably for autism, then going on a bunch of activity holidays run by the “National Association for Gifted Children”. (What I actually have is adhd, but they didn’t diagnose it back then.)

@ghost_bird @matthilde I didn't see this in time for the poll, but yes. I was actually scheduled for an autism test at one point but we didn't make it and it wasn't rescheduled (this was because I was acting out in class and having social issues post-parental-divorce/remarriage while also being an advanced student). My mom later told me that if Ritalin was more known in that small town in those years, I probably would have been put on it. Later realized I have ADHD.

@dani @matthilde Yeah, meltdowns in class at primary school was what it took for me too. Boredom plus a specific shitty teacher plus adhd problems with frustration and emotional regulation.

@ghost_bird primary was sOOOO easy for me that i was bored. I was also bullied in primary

@matthilde Yeah, same. And for two years I had a teacher who wouldn’t believe how fast I could read, so I ended up reading everything twice before asking for a new book.

@ghost_bird i used to be a good reader when younger, now adhd go brrr

@ghost_bird I knew how to read like a year or 2 before my classmates could properly read

@matthilde Oddly, I was actually slow to start reading fluently - adhd plus being used to have my parents read to me at home - but once I got fluent, I was very fast.

@ghost_bird I think the thing I should be impressed is how fast I learned english.

For a bit of context, I dived into the internet quite early (when I was around 8 or so). I was often seeing english stuff.
I progressively learned English simply by browsing the web.
Yup,,, my current English knowledge is all due by talking to people online.

Now I swear by English (I even dislike French). I use English as much as I can because I find it much more comfy than French

@matthilde Your English is good enough that I routinely forget your first language is French - as someone who’s bad at languages, I’m genuinely impressed.

@ghost_bird In grade 1, many kids wouldn't play with me because the popular girl didn't like that I'd proven her parents' "you're the smartest in the world" statements wrong, and the rest simply because I was a girl and they didn't want to be seen playing with a girl (but they'd play with me one-on-one after school). In class I would do things such as hide under my desk during math because I didn't want to do it. Boredom was a huge problem. I hated repetition and illogical rules. @matthilde

@matthilde there’s so much potential but they can’t seem to concentrate!

not screen reader friendly 

@moiety hahahahahahahahhahahahahahahadkdkckskckecoskvjdnskcoxidnkxkeocksocosovkdjxosovkskckskc so true

@matthilde *gets on my soapbox* "gifted" is just code for "neurodivergent person that capitalism can exploit"

@matthilde I always scored well on tests and stuff but I never like, skipped a grade nor was I in the "talented and gifted" or any actual accelerated track. I was very much an underachiever.

@matthilde think these results will tell you more about fedi than neurodivergent people

@matthilde "shes incredibly gifted with *insert special interests,* but seems to not care about anything else."

Big yep, big feels. This is a prettt common experience from those folx ive been exposed to.

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