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Just wondering to see if I am not lonely..
Neurodivergent people, were you a so-called Gifted Child™ when younger?

Boosts welcome

Pinned toot is finally up! You can now request to add your site in the webring. Just read the rules in the "about" section and shoot me a DM! :blobcathappypaws:

I am also thinking about providing other services around the domain!

:boost_rainbow: Boost welcome!

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ripped jeans are cool

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Redoing an because the previous one is bad imo.

Hi I am matthilde, I am your local ancom antifa queer who will complain about everything and nothing. Computer science is pog and I post about my projects in @matthilde . Interesting posts will be boosted on this account though.

I love exploring the internet because there is a side of this world that is really cool.

I like to make friends, DM are open and I like to talk to people. Feel free to talk to me :blobcathappypaws:

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time to take out the ultimate question that caused debate among smartest intellectuals...


sometims i just think about how i wanna kiss like half of my mutuals

I guess this is in an email advertisement for a Mozilla convention and honest to god I thought it was an ad for a furry convention at first

This night I dreamed I was getting another partner,,,,
And it was someone from the fedi 😳

Shitty philosophy of school: If one can't do something, force them harder to do it

the polycule breaking into an abandoned investment property to start a cool queer squat

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