@eris kdkddk it seems I got it wrong and actually glarded funds are the ones that cannot be received by an account in a tax clode. Oh well

@eris I mean, it's useful if your account is in a tax clode ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@vib what's wrong with puni's instance? I'm new to fedi and hadn't heard of it before >.<

@vaartis the title should be "top 12 slaveni baltieši, par kuriem tu nezināji!" to match the usual vibe such posts have /j
also, Gėjus 😳

@calculsoberic seems to work over tor browser, even redirecting me to a .onion side, albeit with an invalid certificate
sadly i don't understand Esperanto :'') but looks interesting

@calculsoberic hmm. am in the eu, so in that case the domain name is a little untrue
eu.org just seems to be a free domain registry so 🤷


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