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As a little peek into my , below is a link to my entry for a 2021 conference paper.

Non-binary Experiences of Language: "Queer to my cis friends"

@linguistics @lgbtqia

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re: A more personal #introduction 

Of course I forgot to mention, I will be posting in but I did to degree level and have some conversational and

I'm also fascinated by and lived in during my year abroad (2008/9).

Finally, I'm interested in and hoping to one day learn some non-euro languages.

user currently focussing on french

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A more personal #introduction 

Feel free to follow or interact if you vibe with any of this :party_parrot:

- Based in the in
- with and probably (self dx, sitting on a waiting list)
- to two rescued (Noomi & Scout)
- person with a heavy leaning towards both in my reading and writing
- mostly short forms at the moment,
- tenant
- I have a podcast about (The Offline Gamer)
- I try to write but this year has been tough so I've fallen off a bit
- I'm also with and
- I listen to a lot and mostly varieties
- I enjoy and
- Don't ascribe to any particular faith but could be considered some sort of

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By way of an -

Hi :ablobcatwave:​ I'm Rai, an and moving my content over from . My is on experiences of .

I'm non-binary myself :nonbinary::heart_agender:​ and overall just looking for a safer, more inclusive space to share that side of life. Looking for similar folks to interact with; ideally without all the doom and gloom (read: horrifying transphobia) that comes with the little blue bird website.

Hospital talk 

Having been seen (at 9) the silver lining is I'm OK (in the context of today's cardio appointment).

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Hospital talk 

I did not sleep much and have been sat around the hospital since 7:40am. My appointment was at 8am but the nurse practitioner doesn't arrive until 9am. Even after tests I've been sat idly since 8:35 and I am veering towards nodding off.

Some from last week. Someone from my new job (that I start in January) noticed my title was Mx and asked what pronouns I use. :aaaa_trans: :blobcathugblahaj:

Update on the - a magpie and a blackbird are chilling in a tree; a crow comes along, squawks in the magpie's face, magpie flies off. Another crow shows up and scares the blackbird off. Two crows chill in their nearly won tree.

UNTIL! a small bird of prey (maybe a hawk variety?) flies through the area :Blobhaj_Shock:​ crow one gives chase out of my eyeline only to return a moment later being chased by the hawk.

Spooky coincidences, The Devil's Hour, nightmares, spiders 

Yesterday I watched the entirety of on prime. In it, the main character wakes up every night at 3:33 am and has done since childhood.

Last night I had a nightmare about tarantulas and woke up - with a rather operatic wail I might add - and guess what time it was?

Yep. 3:33.

Some drama this morning as two magpies try to face off against two crows in our tree, as two blackbirds watch on from a neighbouring tree.

This boy is never interested in any human food involving bread usually... this Pret baguette however? He's all over it, cheeky little sausage!

Hit the scary "resign" button yesterday and told colleagues today that I'm moving on. Now to battle the extra waves of guilt & anxiety. Stay strong and get to the new place.

As someone with a birthday on 29 Dec, I'm not sure how to feel about the growing concept of . One one hand, more activities may be available that I can take advantage of... on the other hand, everything will be overpriced even more than it already is.

My birthday kinda sucks :blobsad:

1000 out of 1200 kids in this school in #Oulu, #Finland, arrive by #bicycle, even in winter. 100-150 walk, rest by ski, kicksleds and car. This day it was -17°C, some days it can be colder than -30°C.

Note that this is only one of the four bicycle parking areas of this school 🤗

#Wintercycling #MeanwhileInOulu

I am very achey and sleepy today after the late night yesterday. Followed by earlier morning today. I would like to doze off now, please.

Tonight we saw and it was a great show. Really enjoyed it! First live music we've seen since July 2019. Flor really does look a bit like a slightly gothier Wonder Woman :bl_crab_oh:

LGBTQ+ social groups, mens vs womens spaces, non-binary inclusion (or lack thereof) 

On the topic of social groups, I often don't know where I'm supposed to fit in. Even within the communities there are "womens" and "mens" groups.

I'm not a 'woman' and don't want to be seen encroaching on those spaces but I have a vagina so is it assumed I'd still fit in there because of that? I'm not a 'man' and feel excluded from such spaces because of my physical body.

Where do the people fit in?

I always check with queer women's spaces in advance to ensure I'd be welcome but I never know if that might just end up being massively awkward anyway because of the nomenclature. Or, if the group feel obliged to let me in, or if they even just see me as a woman-adjacent...

Am I overthinking it all? Wouldn't surprise me. What experiences have others had with local/in-person social groups?

Today I reached out to a couple of local(ish) LGBTQ+ social groups to see about joining in some event/s.

Now I just have to go to the event/s and not flake out last minute like I usually do.

On a clear night in Kinlochleven in November, the Milky Way is visible down the loch. This shot took several attempts as the high road to the village runs to the left of this image. A 30 second exposure meant it took a bit of good timing to avoid light trails from the few cars which did venture down that night. This image was taken next to the slipway area in Kinlochleven.

#Photography #LandscapePhotography #AstroPhotography #ScotlandPhotography

Event Horizon for the first time. I don't know why it's taken me this long either.

Hey Mastodon Gamedev, I'm Chris a freelance illustrator and 2D game artist from the Midlands, UK. I produce art for indie games. In my spare time draw images from my own fantasy World centred around a character called Theok.

#illustration #gameartist #illustrator

Ok #mastodon, let’s show our true colors.

Reblog this if you’re a champion of the Oxford comma.

We’re officially friends.

Black-crowned night heron, from when I first started photographing birds.

This is quite an old photo, from back when I first started photographing birds, but I'm still fond of it. I wasn't using the best camera, but I was patient and spent many hours hanging out on a now-gone river dam watching these birds fish and soak up the sun.

#Photography #WildlifePhotography #BirdPhotography #Birds

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