when he said "whoops! you have to put the CD in your computer!" i felt that

annoying computer thing 

media transphobia 

Two of the Super Mario Odyssey bosses are supposed to be grotesque mechanical versions of regular enemies. This is obvious with the Mechawiggler; however, Torkdrift's Japanese name indicates it is a mechanical version of a Spindrift enemy from Super Mario 64. t.co/nGY71lnR0g

In Super Mario 64 DS, getting crushed while holding a coin box while on low health will both kill the character and restore some health through the coins. This traps the character indefinitely in a state of simultaneously being dead and alive, requiring the game to be reset. t.co/l7ooP9tFDz

tired: mean bean machine

wired: the means of bean production

To update on progress, expect the public beta for #glimpse 0.2.0 within the next couple of weeks. 🙂

The release will rebase on 2.10.18, and have a new 64-bit MSI that supports custom Windows install locations. It will also have various minor quality of life improvements.

Depending on how we progress, we may also provide an experimental #glimpse Linux AppImage (one vanilla, one with extra plug-ins) based on some excellent third party work we have been pointed to.

In the right setting, such as Golden Gate Park, squirrels may offer themselves as subjects for quite good close-ups. ^_^

You cannot directly see the Mastodon drama, you can only infer its existence by the shifting of toots surrounding it, much like how an object in space warps gravity with its mass.

After much feedback, we have now updated the "overview" section on the #glimpse homepage. We believe it more accurately represents our aims and the differentiating factors for our fork.


That information will continue to evolve over time.

After *more* feedback, the #glimpse home page has been updated with a better Glimpse NX placeholder image and more clarity over current development status.

The Home & Downloads pages also make it clearer which upstream version 0.1.2 is currently based on.

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In Super Mario 64, the door in the mirror room in Peach's Castle is not reflected properly. Both the real door and the door in the mirror have their handles on the same side. The game attempts to mask this by putting the doors in alcoves below the floor, making this hard to see. t.co/LZlxRbHaLf

who would win:

an entire cosplay marketplace company


one dumbass mint and their friend playing a shitty Disney game

The data for Super Mario RPG includes an unused enemy mind-reading message: "I REALLY hate males...!" The game contains many unused enemies, but it is likely the message belongs to one of the eight pictured here, as they do not already have other messages assigned to them. t.co/tcJcoRZFGH

movie writers are going to write kids saying "cringe" "poggers" the same way they wrote kids in older films saying "bogus" "totes"

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