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If you don't know, Materia Collective is bad & you shouldn't support them. Also, don't support the Game Music Ensemble at UCLA.

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My other partner's car got stolen today and I'm all torn up about it :(

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Living my best "I have a cold" life: Laying naked in bed eating dry cereal from the box.

I think I had some filling fall out of my tooth

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Today I learned that Spider-Ma'am exists and now I need a Spider-Ma'am movie staring Lily Tomlin, like, yesterday.

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I work in the shipping department at my work, so everyone's holiday packages are coming through my office, and I get to play Santa and say Merry Christmas every time someone comes to pick up their package.

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An actual thing I just said, "Since 2016, it's just all gone downhill. Like that cheese rolling festival in at Cooper's Hill."

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