sext: i softly stabilize my jaw while you excitedly apply my cold compress

Beggin for invites :rainbowdance: is cool but it doesn’t really feel like home and I’m still looking around.

Does anybody feel like sending me an invite to or other instance recommendations?

1. gay obvi
2. 💕
3. emojos & shitposts (my favourite RPG)

employment ~/+ 

Day one of the job hunt went pretty well! Sent out resumes and reached out to other publishing people I’d worked with. Heard some interest back and got an email from an executive director who wanted my resume…!

First time I’d had both the contacts and the sense of self-worth to do the networking thing, which always seemed like dark magick before, and it is very good to know I am not alone in this.

examples of radical actions that are extremely punk 

Asking folks nearby if they need anything and trying to help them get it.

Fixing a broken thing that's not yours.

Grabbing an extra cup of coffee and handing it to the first person you see that could really use a warm beverage.

Drop by a local shelter and ask them what the people they turn away need to gets through the night. See if you can find folks to help gather those things together.

Walk instead of drive.

Stand outside and sing.

employment - 

Instead I’m slapping on an extra estrogen patch, doing a quick workout, and sitting down to my “get a better job” checklist for today.

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employment - 

I’m okay. I’m lucky. I have a safety net, a decent professional network, and loved ones nearby. I’m just hollowed out and anxious looking for work and worrying about gaps in my resume, that kind of shit.

I wish I had the ability to work remotely so Partner and I could move to that remote, forested peaceful place we keep talking about.

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employment - 

I was let go at work yesterday, and while I’m relieved to be out of that place, I could really use some encouragement.

It had slowly become a nightmare working there with a boss who never communicated and whom I never seemed to get through to. It’s the first time all my skills have been irrelevant in the face of the total breakdown of a working relationship, and it’s left me doubting whether I had those skills to begin with.

mh- (sorry) 


‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍ ‍‍‍‍‍‍ ‍‍ ෴

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mh- (sorry) 

Honestly though, that’s always been kind of an ideal, too

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mh- (sorry) 

Trying to be kind to myself but the closest I can manage lately is to be quiet and still.


You fold me up and save me for later.

My todo-list is rapidly shrinking to:
1) Move the fuck out of the city
2) Learn to grow a fuck ton of food

All I really need on top of that and HRT is for all my best queers to come with. I feel like we’ll need a goatherd.

All of my love to our community today. The world without it would be so cold.

“Hugbox carelord” is the best bio I’ve ever seen in my life.

mh ~ 

On the bright side, my house is a cozy apartment, so the top is very close to the bottom and the sides are also not too big, and I did have a LOT of cabbage, tofu, and dumpling wrappers just sitting around losing value.

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mh ~ 

Every once in a while I like to set aside a couple hours to sit down and focus deeply on something I’ve been meaning to do forever. That way, instead of doing whatever that thing is, I can spend my time cleaning the whole house from top to bottom and making dumplings.

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