What a nice idea. The exact opposite direction retail in the US is taking. 😿​

Dutch supermarket chain to open 200 new "Chat Checkouts" to combat loneliness.



Forbidden Devotion (Paranormal Hunger #1) by

I adore Lee Colgin. Ever since I stumbled across Beneath The Opal Arc, I've read every book of hers I can get my hands on.

This book is the beginning of a new series and looks like it is going to be as entertaining as her past works.

In a world where there is no love lost between vampires and werewolves, there have been wars in the past, but a third great war might be the end of the races.

I liked the take on born vampires being more human before they decide to turn. And I had never thought about making a werewolf only dorm with an RA Alpha to form a pseudo pack. I guess if there were werewolves going to college, that would be a thing.

Can't wait to pick up the next two books.


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I was hopeful about importing my GoodReads list into BookWyrm and switching over. But, the importing looks like it still has some kinks to work through.

It's strange that most of the exports don't include ISBN. This almost looks like a way to make it harder to leave the platform.

Do you have any advice on how to improve these matches? Or am I going to be doing an awful lot of manual updating?

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The Tropic of Never: Part 1 by Michael Schneider (aka )

It was a quick read, with an open ending, so be prepared to figure that out yourself. After 8 years, I have a feeling there ain't no sequel coming.
But, the story and the writing are compelling, though most of the narration is from a person, isolated, on a ship. Between some of the strangeness on the ship and in the story being told in the alternate chapters, it is definitely science fiction.
Edgar Locke doesn’t remember his past. He wakes up naked and disoriented on a massive wooden ship, recently occupied, with a menagerie of animals needing tending. He remembers his name and knows he is gay. Now and then, memories or words will pop into his consciousness. He writes them all down, trying to remember who he was. Through his tale, we see the wonders in his world, his resourcefulness, and his loneliness.




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Conspiracy of Dragons (Here Be Dragons #4) by

NOTE: Sequel to Hidden Species tetralogy

Even paranoid conspiracy theorist dragons need love. And just because you're paranoid doesn't mean there isn't someone out to get you.

This is Steffen's story. It is refreshing to see the world from Steffen's eyes in this one. He had seemed the crazy odd-ball in the other installments. Now we see some of the reasoning behind the "apparent" madness. And we glimpse the depth of emotion he’s been hiding.

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