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hrt, mh 

hrt, mh 

does anyone know the term for how long your emotional state lasts? it's been on the tip of our tongue for a couple days now but all we got is still just "emotional something" and it's getting frustratable

we had like, a whole spiel abt it, but we forgot the fricken word itself

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auto accident (minor, no damage afaict) 

with that in mind, I hope she doesn't mind that I took out some trash

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My name is Lane. I'm a queer transfemme (that's right fuck you) enby somewhat-genderfluid masc-leaning something (finding the exact words is a journey in itself, eh?) and the body has been on hrt since August 2019. I'm in a plural system and a headmate of @alana_is_tooting, usually not fronting, but something has happened and I'm (hopefully temporarily) fronting exclusively.

Generally I'm quiet and shy and enjoy buckling down on large technical projects or reading.

One way in which I differ from Alana is that I have a petty mean streak and I'm sorry in advance.

transfem period pondering, hrt mention, mh

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