people always ask "what's your gender?", they never ask "how's your gender?" 😔

Judge admonishes teenage girl for pressing rape charges against a "young man who comes from a good family"

I gotta sleep but first look at my pal, this red eft who was just. HANGIN OUT IN THE DRIVEWAY as I was taking seedlings out this morning.

selfie ec, i have a sunhat, boosting is mandatory 

that one immortal technique song every 16 year-old thinks is epic is actually trash. it samples henry mancini ffs

taking a jab at religion (specifically christianity) and bankers 

I just fucking found an enlarger for 150.

However, I have found an entire set darkroom set for 500.
If there is a soul out there that would allow me to start my official photo-making journey, I personally send you my first prints and naughty ones that I REALLY want to print.

Polycule wide mario kart tourney to see who is ACTUALLY the dommest

I need a queer-friendly space where I can dance semi-naked in paris ASAP, it's a matter of life and death

I just can't even start to unpack this shit. WHITENING SYSTEM FOR FUCK'S SAKE

I [19F] hate hippies but my boyfriend [73M] won't stop dropping acid and calling me a groovy babe, j'ai une connaissance qui sera à Paris début Septembre et qui cherche un espace de co-working sympa.

Si vous avez des recommandations pour des endroits particulièrement cools / à des prix attractifs, je prends et je transfère avec grand plaisir.


(Boosts bienvenus)

I just can't even start to unpack this shit. WHITENING SYSTEM FOR FUCK'S SAKE

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