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we were chatting with my Russian friend and she asked what "horny" meant and after we explained she said "in Russia we don't have "horny""

Anyone got like a ten I can have? I’m hungry and we have no food. :/

me: *rubs a lamp*
genie: *comes out* I am the genie, you have three wishes
me: I wish every word started with 'je'
jenie: jeu jeve jeo jere jeshes
jee: Je jesh jeery jerd jeded jeth 'an'
jenan: jean jean jee jean jean
jean: Jean jean jeean jean jean jean jean jettean jean
jean: jean jean jean jean
jean: jean jean

Now seems like as good a time as any to kill myself

The government is openly discussing classifying a group of people as not people. This isn't a "slide" into fascism. We're here now.

late capitalism is basically all the fearmongering about communism come true, except you have to pay for it too

USpol, transmisia, long; personal request: Chicago 

I am a nonbinary individual located in the Midwestern US region.

The Department of Health and Human Services is planning to revoke transgender, nonbinary, and Intersex people's rights by redefining gender as either male or female, as determined by a person's original birth certificate.

This flies in the face of international law, and would put thousands of people's lives at risk. Including mine.

If you are in Chicago or can be in Chicago tomorrow: I need your help. I need you to go to the DHHS office at 15:00 tomorrow and ask to speak to Steven Mitchell, Acting Regional Manager of the Office of Civil Rights. Tell him and the staff that transgender, intersex, and nonbinary people are real. We exist. We have rights. And he cannot take them away.

Address is: 233 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 240
Chicago, IL 60601

Alternatively, you can call the Customer Response Center: (800) 368-1019 any time in the morning. Others will be doing the same.

Please share this post as widely as possible. Copy/paste to email if need be. I don't care what your gender is, we need bodies of all stripes IN ACTION.

Thank you.

Hey cis friends so one way you can actually help trans people today is by donating to them, so here is my paypal

Please fucking help me I am starving and also my government doesn’t think I deserve rights

Hey y’all I literally have 3 dollars until the end of the month so if anyone could donate SOMETHING, I’d really appreciate it 😭

Anyone able to donate some money for food, or gas? We strugglin out here. :/

Can’t wait til I can grow a beard so like I can shave it sometimes and then have a really attractive 5 o’clock shadow

this little fucker has gotten super destructive, and he's making me mad lately, but he's lucky he's so damn cute lol

my gf is abusive and I want her to leave but she won't and I'm exhausted and I have no one to talk to

Can I have some donations for food please? :/ it’s halfway through the month and we have like no food left.


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