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Mi clase de inglés es un DOLOR EN MI CULO.

Misgendering, transphobia 

I thought I had a friend who understood me, and understood how I felt about my gender, and turns out they didn’t. They literally called me a MAN. And I don’t identify as a man. And I tell people that. It’s like nobody gives a fuck.

Finally got my T dose 3 days late but heck

I would probably enjoy these more if they didn’t hurt like a bitch

I missed my T dose on Thursday because Walmart wouldn’t let me buy syringes and it’s killing me haha

My current makes me feel so guilty for being on T, and being trans, and I hate it

Hey y’all I’m selling my Wacom Intuos Pro for money to escape my abusive situation. If anybody wants to buy that uh hit me up???

(invention of coffee)
accidentally burn weird bush beans (whoops)
can't find dust bin, puts beans in sock
slips on banana peel, knocking hot water into beans (in sock) that drips down into bucket on floor
slips on second banana peel falling face first into bucket accidentally drinking hot bean sock water

Hey! Didn’t know if you checked Twitter that often anymore but I was just wondering if you’d invite me to snouts :)

And also can I have your telegram lol

Planning my new life as a woodworker in Indiana lmao

I feel kind of bad about plotting to leave my gf because I think it’s basically guaranteed that she will lose her cat when I leave

She’s so in love with him

My gf always makes me promise I’m never going to leave her but I’ve already planned how I’m going to do it

My heart hurts. My birthday is soon and I won’t be able to do shit for it. Not even buy myself something. Like a banjo or some shit. Idk. I feel so fucking broken. I’m so tired of trying.

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I am really sad and really just want to disappear. My gf is abusive, I have no instruments to play, and music is such a huge part of my life. I can’t relieve any of my stress. I’ve been stuck in a long deep depression. I don’t know what to do.

Hey guys, I really need help with food. I would appreciate some donations to my PayPal.

Bunch of transphobes sending me shitty anon asks

Ways to support me:


Cash app: $cherubboy

Venmo: @Radley-Pacheco

Please donate if you can. I am always in need of food, due to being mentally disabled and unable to work. November has been especially hard.

Tbh I’m starving???? Literally have no food in my house rn. Please help me out.

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