Annoyance is having an interaction that involves someone repetitively verifying your info [full name, age, gender, contacts, etc] then when you ask them where the bathroom is they give you directions to the men's room ... then level 2 is you only realized that when some guy walked in

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Nonbinary people, like trees, can be old, young,  scarred, unscarred, short, tall, etc.

Many of us are different from each other, but together we are a deep and mysterious forest.

#nonbinary #nonbinarypositivity #lgbtq #nonbinarypride #forest

Have no problem in a philosophical debate with, say, a minister who at the start agrees to logic, but when someone's first words to me are to insist her religion is the only right one i do not waste my breath

Volunteering for a veggie group this morning, got a 'i am right' xtian person who stopped here, both of us volunteering are atheists

Grr ... waking up at 7 on a saturday after being up until almost midnight ... i hate colds

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No captions, no boosts.

I don't care how socially relevant that image is: if you don't caption it or otherwise describe it in text, your message is lost on people who use a screen reader. That's #ableism in a nutshell. Please do better.

"So what was your final score?" 'No idea, i disagreed with one of the answers so stopped counting.'

"How many switches are on your home network?" 'Hold on, i need to go count them.'

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Grr .... broke this bottle while traveling .... well, a nice smelling breakage

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ru paul is a garbage human being and i despise his fucking show
i don't care if it's "bringing acceptance to drag queens" it's a horribly transphobic show run by a dipshit who doesn't give two fucks about the trans community and proudly throws around slurs like they're meaningless

Will only have my laptop tonight, may not be able to log in to all 3 guild wars 2 accounts to do my dailies

Loaf 1 of the ... freezing the 2nd after the second rise as an experiment

Time to make some nisu ... think i will do a wreath shape and freeze one this time

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