good news friday 

Ah ha! It is just as I suspected all along. Today IS Friday. That can only mean one thing. Time for some good news from everyone. I'll start us off. It's been a non-eventful week (or, more likely, I have a really bad memory), so let's just say that the best news is the weather we've been having. I love these warm days.


I saw her again today! She does the security check ins and we definitely held up the check in line while talking about trans stuff.

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I think there's another trans person at work and I ran into a mental wall when I saw them.

Self Promotion, Twitch, CK3 

I'm playing Crusader Kings III over at! I know what, a shocking surprise.

Asexual Dating Websites? 

Friends! Does anyone have a lead on asexual dating websites? I had a friend ask me for one today and I honestly haven't the foggiest clue as where to turn to.

Self Promotion, Twitch, Video Games 

Have you ever wondered what Jocelyn would be like as a road commissioner? Well wonder no longer! I'm playing Cities: Skyline now on Twitch!


There is one song that can literally take me back to the moment I heard it. It's Jenny, by the Studio Killers. I first listened to it years ago while trying to stay awake for a night audit shift. Whenever I hear it, I'm immediately taken back to 1 AM, hunched over a desk.

Anyways, they just dropped a remix, which is why I'm waxing nostalgic.

Good News Friday 

It's Friday, and that can only mean one thing: it's time to share some good news. I'll go first. The best thing that happened to me this week was getting my first covid vaccine shot.

Y'all should be happy I'm operating at like, a quarter of my full potential. I'd be utterly annoying if I actually applied myself in any of my endeavors.

Good News Friday, Selfie, Eye Contact, Me 

Once more it is Friday, so that means it is time for some good news. So, let's hear (see?) it. As is tradition, I'll start. I got my hair cut (banana for scale).

"Did Chicks with Sticks make a deposit?"

A thing I just overheard in my office that nearly caused me to choke on my water.


I really need to start working out. I gotta shape this belly the way I want!

Selfie, Eye Contact, Me, Dysphoria 

The dysphoria has been hitting me a bit hard lately, so I'm battling back. I shaved my legs, threw on a dress for the first time in forever, and took some selfies.

Is it helping? A little. And some days, a little is enough. Everything is a bit overwhelming right now, so I'll take any happiness that I can snag right now.

Good News Friday 

I welcome each of you once more to Friday. Tell me, what's your good news for the week? For me, it was running an excellent session of DnD. It's been a long time since I've had a group that's been this consistent, and it's a nice to have some continuity for once.

You can just be a girl if you want, it’s okay.

Good News Friday 

I hope you all are ready, because it's Friday and the spirit of Mr. Rogers demands his weekly sacrifice of good news. I'll start. Finished up my newest commander deck! My friends are going to hate it, which is preciously why I love it.

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