Y'all, it ain't happening tonight. My internet was running so slow that I couldn't even load the local timeline on my desktop.

Kinda sucks, because I finally learned how to use my microphone and I wanted to show off my amateurishness.

Based on how slow my internet is going, this may not happen. But I'll still try!

I think I might stream some Magic Arena tonight. I'm in just the right mood (and alcohol content).

I'll send out the link when I'm live.

Hello and good Friday! By now, you all now the drill, so let's dive right into this thing. I'll start! I've got an interview today! If I get it, it'll cut my daily, round trip commute from 90 minutes to 5.

I have a trans themed bow tie (it's just colored like the trans flag) that I wear from time to time. Most people don't comment on it, but if they do I get one of two reactions: way off the mark (literally had a guy compliment me on the summer colors?) or a knowing comment without outing me to the world (thank you Target employee).

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teacher: "Now, class, who can name the structures where estrogen comes from? Hands up. Olivia?"

child: "Is it our local Walgreens®, miss?"

teacher: *turns to camera and winks*

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Why abolish ICE when we can just abolish national borders instead?

Had a dream last night where I was actually attractive. Fairly disappointed that I woke up from that one.

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That can only be followed up by another homepage, this time by Susan's Place Transgender Resources. Please note the minimal design, all links located in an upper blue box. The box draws your eyes because there is a super sexy pinup lady on it, which definitely wasn't clipped out of something else.

Next, we have the homepage for the International Foundation for Gender Education. Please not the use of rainbow in the color. Also note how it is a perfect example of a late 90's era homepage. Simple, minimal graphics, but tells you exactly what to expect when you click on a link.

First up, we have a doctor's webpage. It was a great site back in the day from the sounds o fit, one of the few advertising the work he did for the trans community.

But can we just talk about the photo negatives they used? Choice. I love it.

Hello, I have found an article that is somewhat interesting and makes me wish I knew what was going to happen in my life back when I was in my teens:

"An Oral History of the Early Trans Internet" by Henry Giardina


But please, allow me to draw your attention to some choice images they used. Strap on your helmets, we're going for a trip down memory lane.

If you boil a funny bone, you make a laughing stock


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