Good News Friday 

I only really remember my dreams when I'm stressed and I remember all my dreams lately.

Lewdish on main, boosts ++ 


I have shaved the legs.

They are wonderfully smooth.

I actually left the house with makeup on today. We just took the dogs for a walk, and no one saw us, but it's the first time I've done that.

Selfie, Eye Contact, Me 

okay! after much inner turmoil and vocal and facial dysphoria, and probably not enough editing, i present to you my second youtube video: hey look at your eyebrows and do stuff to them why don't ya? (working title)

this one was at the suggestion of my friend and yours, @baronnarcveldt

as ever, if there's a question or a product or a technique you're curious about that you want me to tackle in a future video, let me know! i'll shout you out if i do it lol

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Selfie, Eye Contact, Me 

Body Weight Shitpost 


HRT, Mild Body Pains 

early transition take, 1/? 

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