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Toy Eye Contact 

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Am I going to get all dolled up to see my friend today?


Is it all just a ploy to lower his guard while we play Magic?


Do I want him to think impure thoughts about me?


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Thanks to the power of science, transitioning has never been easier!

Self Love 

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I'm tempted to download snapchat just for the anime filter, which is exactly what they would like me to do...

if they built gundams in dallas or houston would they be tex-mechs

Lesbian Milestone 

I gave a lady a lift to the grocery store today simply because she gendered me correctly from across a parking lot.

Therapy (+) 

Seeing your friends succeed is such an amazing thing.

Top Surgery Musings 


I'm... folding laundry?

Have I been replaced with a doppelganger?

Mushy Feelings 

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