One day I will accomplish things with time to spare. Not today, but someday.

At some point, I'm going to hold a transition/coming out party. I don't have most details, but I would love the cake to be covered in blue frosting but when you cut into it, it's a brilliantly pink cake.

Can't wait until I never have to work again.

My phone's wallpaper is boring. Time to get a new one.

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I think I'm going to paint my nails today. It'll be the most outwardly feminine thing about my appearance, but I think it's time to start pushing boundaries.

Tomorrow is my first board meeting as chairperson. I'm excited, but also nervous.

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I'm much better at sincereposting than shitposting.

Also, gonna make the term sincereposting happen. My phone is already willing to accept that it's a real word.

My lovely wife, who is amazing and has been tremendously supportive throughout my transition, is not the most feminine person out there.

My therapist, however, loves giving me tips on how to act, look, and sound more feminine.

It's very appreciated. *goes to take care of my new shoes*

Probably gonna start a podcast, because I don't have enough on my plate.

The best part of today is neither of the bosses are working.

Anxiety is still spiking today. Not sure why, but I imagine it's because I feel like there's a lot on my plate (and I continue to add more to it).

It's amazing how much more focused I am at work on Sundays. No one is around, so you'd expect me to goof off, yeah? Nope. I get stuff done.

If only all workdays could be like Sunday.

I'm super excited to play Betrayal Legacy. I've never played a legacy game before, but Betrayal at House on the Hill is easily my favorite board game.

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