If I knew how to dress properly, I would instantly be five times cuter than I am today.

If I was a biomancer, me and all my friends would never have to suffer from disphoria again.

Just saying.

Hello everyone, and a happy Memorial Day weekend to you all. What's something good that happened to you this week? For me, I had some friends and their kid up from down state. We saw Detective Pikachu and played laser tag. I don't want to brag, but I totally destroyed a bunch of kids at laser tag. It was legen...wait for it it...

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I'm downloading Lord of the Rings Online. I'm excited, because it's free and I'm a nerd, but also it takes FREAKING FOREVER to download.

I never had to really wait around forever with World of Warcraft.

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Still looking for that job that lets me improve humanity.

I'm reading my first Mercedes Lackey book (Magic's Pawn). I'm only about a third of the way through it so far, but not only is the main character gay, but a secondary character is also gay, and they mentioned a bi character.

That's far more forward thinking than I get in most of my traditional fantasy. I should have read these books much earlier.

I dislike that I need to log into an NVIDIA account in order to update my video card.

It's just silly.

Y'all should come entertain me at Polestar. Volunteer is decidedly more boring when no one walks through our door.

There definitely aren't enough hours in the day.

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Here's the thing about dresses: I love wearing them.

I would like to officially declare the start of my campaign for the 2060 American presidential election.

Regarding the last boost, I really hate the net promoter score (NPS). It is a ten point scale where only 9s and 10s are good, 7s and 8s are neutral, and anything lower is bad. That's not how scales work. A 5 should be an average experience. If you do an above average job, awesome, take your 7. But if you always give me that same experience, that 7 turns into an average of 5. It's what I expect from the store.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that rating people is dumb.

More than 50% of people in surveys responded that anything lower than a 7/10 in IMDB would cause them to skip out on watching a movie. Almost 50% of users will cancel their ride if the driver has been rated anything less than 4.5/5.

"A four star rating is working as expected, a five is for exceeding expectations"

a five star rating system really starts at 4.0 and goes to 5.0.

Friday is upon us once again. While everyone is bracing themselves for the last episode of Game of Thrones, let's slip in a quick round of feel good. What's something good that's happened to you this past week? For me, it was my game group not only asking what pronouns I'd like to go by, but then making an effort to go by the correct ones. They are the best.

If someone would like to pay me to lounge around the house and play games, I'd be down for that.

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