One of my biggest concerns in life right now is that I don't appear feminine enough.

I think it's time to change that.

Dream, Endocrinologist 

SWTOR, Minor Spoilers 

looking to do some trades.

offering Grookey, Shield exclusives, and rare non-exclusive species.

need Scorbunny, Sobble, and Sword exclusives.

detailed list in reply

Selfie, Eye Contact, Me 

Broke: there is no ethical consumption under capitalism
Woke: why is it so difficult to perform ethical labor under capitalism?

The Most Frequently Asked Question about prison abolition 

Still trying to find a style that's more than "whatever still fits from back in high school"

boobs again im really sorry 

i have this theory that all my friends from the internet also exist in real life

The best thing about crushes is that you can just enjoy them and it doesn’t ever have to be anything more.

So many of you all are just too beautiful for words.

CW: lewd 

Long, Video Game, + 

Video Games, SWTOR 

Not only is it Friday, but I remember that it's Friday this time! So tell me, what good things have been happening in your life this past week? Per tradition, I'll start. I think the best thing that's happened to me this past week is getting a stupid amount of my Magic cards sorted. I mean, I still have an eldritch-ton of cards to go through, but it's a start.

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