Pandemic, Makeup 

I've sure been using this pandemic as a good excuse to not practice putting on makeup.

A friend is looking for a home on the Fediverse! Help me find them a good instance for video games discussion and culture thats got good and clear moderation policies in favor of antifa/socialistic ideoligies!

Lets help them find a new home!

boosts welcome

Self Promotion, Twitch, Crusader Kings III 

It's time to conquer more of Scandinavia. The empire is almost ours! Come watch me play some Crusader Kings III.

Good News Friday 

It is once again Friday, whether you choose to believe it or not. Now tell me, what's something good that happened to you this week. For me, I've had like, four days off from work because time has no meaning during the winter.

Gender Euphoria 

Confused the heck out of yet another guy when they saw me in the male restroom.

Video Game - The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth 

I just beat greedier mode in the Binding of Isaac for the first time ever with the Lost. I'm literally shaking right now. I darn near cried.

Trans Writings 

So like, I'm trans (shocking, I know), but i interact very little with broader trans culture. I'd like to change that.

Do any of you have any recommendations of trans histories, trans authors, books about trans people, anything like that? I'm willing to try out just about everything, but I have very little idea about where to start.

It's absolutely amazing how great I feel when I do not have to work. Like, I don't think that my work is particularly stressful, but having today off has just been so nice.

HRT Meds, Bit of a Shitpost 

My doctor upped my dose of spiro (I know, I know) and after day on the higher amount, my skin is feeling silky smooth.

Imagine if I had gone on it earlier. I could be the softest creature in the universe at this point.

Good News Friday 

So yeah, did anyone squeeze any good news out of this week? I think the best news was having an excellent stream last night where a couple of good friends joined me for Fall Guys. It was relaxing, light, and a small remedy to this week's events.

Simulated Eye Contact 

Duolingo is out here, making sure I get my daily affirmations in.

Body Changes During My Transition 

My boobs are getting stretch marks! Grow baby grow!

Twitch, Crusader Kings III 

The first stream of the year. Let's start it off by rebelling against our liege.

Video Games 

So Crusader Kings III has quickly become my favorite game to play which, I know, is a total shocker.

Please interpret my favoriting your toot as me saying that I would like to have a conversation with you about what you tooted, but lack the wit or charm to add anything substantive to the discussion.

New Years Resolutions 

I have multiple resolutions for the year, but I think the one that'll be hardest for me to work on is not saying "I'm sorry" ALL. THE. TIME.

Good News Friday 

Happy New Year everyone! To kick off 2021 correctly, let me know about some good news that happened to you this past week (or year, or whatever). I'll start. Twice (!!) in the past week, I've been using the male restroom at work when a guy has come in, looked at me, walked backed out, checked the sign on the door, then proceeded to come back in. How's that for some lovely gender euphoria.

There I go, dreaming of podcasting again.

One day, I'll finally get around to putting together a pilot episode, even if just for myself.

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