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*wokeuplikethis by playboi carti ft lil uzi vert starts playing* sup

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just a reminder that i have a discord server for writers! click the link if you wanna join!

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jurassic park, but instead of reviving dinosaurs theyre reviving dead cowboys- fuck hol up thats westworld post cancelled

"Roll somethin and get the day started" - me, at 7 pm

okay ben rector since your ass wanna act brand new πŸ™„

daily reminder to be self indulgent in your hobbies and the things that make you happy and that you shouldn't HAVE to monetize the things you enjoy just for them to be worthwhile

making you happy makes them worthwhile enough!!

every village in england is called either like tittington-next-the-brook or scummywater

Can we just replace all money with Pokemon cards?

I don't need paper with pictures of old dudes on it. I need paper with pictures of cute monsters.

i propose that after we abolish film critics, we try this radical new thing called "Deciding For Yourselves How Good A Movie Is Instead Of Letting Some Pompous, No-Fun-Allowed Headass Hack Tell You What's Good"

crazy i know but it just might work yall

I play games like I live my life, If there's even a small chance I'm gonna fail I'm not even gonna try lmao

it should be legal to just run up kill any gamer you see in the street like that racist dude from red dead redemption 2

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