transition log, day 961: all the things! (SFW) 

Wow I haven't posted on here in a long time!

Things have been going well. I give myself estradiol valerate injections twice a week and still take 5mg of finasteride per day. Unrelated to gender specifically, I also take 20mg fluoxetine each day and that has helped greatly with my anxiety/depression.

My facial hair has become a lot softer and sparser, and I only shave with an electric now. I stopped being able to use an electric razor effectively on my face when was about 20, and now I'm 28 and back to using an electric and it's great! I never shave my legs etc because I've never had much body hair in the first place, but all of my body hair has become much lighter, softer, and thinner.

I am very happy about how much muscle tone I've maintained, having never taken spiro or anything more antiandrogenic than finasteride. I get a good amount of physical activity so that certainly contributes to keeping up my muscle mass.

My appetite is absolutely better with more balanced hormones than for the years before I went on hormonal therapy. My weight has been stable and I find food overall much easier to manage.

transition log, day 510 - electrolysis 

Going to my first consultation today for electrolysis on my facial hair! The technician I'm going to see is trans, and one of my partners already sees this person for facial hair and speaks highly, so I have high hopes.




Really though I'm not too worried about the pain based on my prior experiences touching metal I'm not supposed to touch. Tattoo was fine, and I heard this is usually somewhere in that magnitude of pain level.

As I have asked before into the internet vortex: wish me luck!

Transition log, day 500 - medication, body shape changes, facial hair electrolysis 

Today marks the 500th day since I began. I'm up to 8mg estradiol per day but still the same 5mg finasteride as when I began.

I'm quite pleased with how my body has changed: my boobs are quite boob-shaped now, with no expense to my muscle tone. I do tons of outdoor work (gardening etc) so I am not at all worried about muscular atrophy at this stage in my life. My butt has grown some, according to others, but the change there has not been nearly as significant.

I'm still quite pleased with how my mental health has responded to this hormone therapy. I am far from being rid of depression and anxiety, but my gender has not been crashing into them nearly as often.

Today I reached out to a friend who is an electrolysis technician about beginning to permanently remove my facial hair, starting with my mustache area. My beard has gotten way softer over the last year, moreso than the rest of my body hair. But I still don't like the way a mustache looks on my face, and it's a very difficult thing to ignore.

Hoping the best for you, reader, wherever you are along life's path. Please wish me luck as I continue this journey!

Transition log, day 400: detained sexual health commentary 

TL;DR: Increasing my estradiol is good for mitigating erectile dysfunction caused by finasteride.

During the beginning of hormone therapy, I was blocking DH-testosterone at the same level as I currently am (finasteride 5mg/day); but I was only taking a sixth of the estradiol (1mg/day) compared to my current dose (6mg/day).

My sexual health overall is definitely better now than it was before beginning HRT or any point during HRT, but erectile function specifically saw change over the course of therapy thus far:

Adding finasteride led to a decrease in spontaneous erections and increased difficulty maintaining turgidity. Increasing daily estradiol levels led to improvements – attaining and maintaining an erection is overall easier, particularly when I've taken estradiol within the last 30min-3hrs.

I previously wrote here about trying Viagra a couple times, and while it did what it was supposed to do, I've not found it necessary since I went from 4 to 6 mg of estradiol per diem. Libido overall has been different than it used to be, but my libido works now, which was not consistently true before I began hormone therapy.

Transition log, day 400: body shape, facial hair, mental health 

Four hundred days! Hard to believe. Life is good; although depression and anxiety have continued, disruptive body dysphoria is extremely uncommon for me now.

Facial hair is still an annoyance to me, but it's much less triggering to see hair on my face now that my beard is getting softer, less prickly. Additionally, the contour of my face is changing bit by bit with small changes in fat distribution. I still eventually would like to pursue facial electrolysis when I can afford to do so, but for now, shaving works.

My overall body shape, breast and buttocks size, etc seems to have plateaued (which is common around 1yr from what I've heard), but I'm okay with that, since the changes which have happened thus far have yielded wonderful improvements to my self image. Part of my own personal enby-ness is wanting to look androgynous, and I'm happy with the progress I've made towards that goal.

transition log day 333, med, hair, sex 

Medication refill arrived by mail again yesterday. I am quite comfortable with my current dose (5mg finasteride daily, 2mg estradiol TID) and plan to continue at this rate.

Breast growth has continued slowly but surely; I am approaching B cup. Head hairline recession is continuing to reverse, and my hair is all much softer and more lustrous, including my facial hair.

I've gotten lazy about shaving recently due to current events, but my partner ordered an electric trimmer (since the old one broke) which should arrive in the mail soon. That will make the process much more bearable. I am strongly considering beginning electrolysis now that my income is more stable; I have a metamour who is certified and owns her own machine.

Sexual health has been great lately! Sad about social distancing, but happy for erectile function. I've only taken Viagra a few times so far and I don't find it to be necessary most of the time.

transition log, day 270; sex, drugs, rock & roll 

I've been taking 5mg finasteride every day since the beginning, and I've been on 2mg estradiol TID (6mg per day) sublingually for about three months. I will be continuing at this dose for a while since effects are good and blood work shows good levels.

Tried adding progesterone, and my initial results were slightly negative: 100mg each night for 3 nights resulted in strange face dryness with matching mildly painful scaly patches at the outer corners of both eyes. I discontinued use, and after a week I will try again and see if this side effect recurs.

My erectile function has been sporadic at times, so I got a script for a trial run of Viagra. I will report my findings but I doubt I will be surprised with the results! πŸ˜‹

Sorry, but there is neither rock nor roll in this post.

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transition log, day 270 

I've seen some very noticeable changes in my body at this point. My breasts have grown; I'm wearing bras again sometimes these days for the padding (instead of wearing a bra to hold silicone breastforms). Additionally there are fat distribution changes around my face, my hips, and below my buttocks.

transition log (200 days) 

Hard to believe so much time has passed, but I've been supplementing my body's hormones for 200 days as of today. I have never felt more in tune with my body.

When I was seeking the initial medical care for this process earlier this year, I was not in a secure financial position and (despite having multiple jobs) was without health insurance. Only because of the generosity of a few people through the internet was I able to begin bringing my body into alignment with my gender identity. For this financial support, I could not be more thankful.

If you know a trans person who is unsure about whether they can afford to begin the treatment they need, please: let them know that there are options. Sometimes it takes a village to pay for a second puberty!

transition log 

Day 161:

My chest measurement has grown! I'm a real 36 now! Additionally, my cheeks have a bit of new softness near the back, beside my jaw hinge. Quite pleased about these changes.

Today marks day 100 of hormone therapy, and I'm so very happy about this step towards being true to myself. Took me many years to figure out this gender component of my whole identity, but now I am on track to live a life of harmony with my body.

(Boosts and questions are welcome!)

transition log, med, body changes 

Blood work results: everything basically the same, but my estrogen levels were higher! They were a bit higher than my doc expected, but I'd just taken my pill a couple hours prior, so it was still in my system. Testosterone level was nominal.


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just kidding i'd never get into skiing, that's a real slippery slope

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transition log, med, body changes 

Day 92: Got blood work at LabCorp again yesterday. They were nice, fast, and professional about it, just as before (at a different LabCorp). I'll post a summary of the results.

I've doubled my estradiol now, so I take 2mg twice daily, but I'm still on 5mg once daily of finasteride since that already seemed to be helping my hairline at that dose. Finasteride can have rare but unpleasant side effects, and I'd prefer to continue not having any of those.

My nipples are finally growing!!! Increased sensitivity and size, though not by a whole lot. I'm quite happy about this progress! Wearing silicone breastforms gives me great gender euphoria, so I look forward to the time when that will be unnecessary.

I present masc at work (only one coworker has ever asked my pronouns, and she is queer so it doesn't count) so it will be interesting to see how my manager reacts to my eventual boobs.

Appointment went well. Increasing to 2mg twice a day. πŸ˜πŸ‘

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Day 76: In a half hour, I'll have my first checkup to see how I'm doing. I probably should have gotten blood work again before the appointment, because right now I just have my initial levels and no further test, and a single point does not make a line! But I will be sure to go on, or before, day 90 as previously planned.

Gonna ask to increase my estrogen levels, but I'm happy with my finasteride dose. Have to see what the good doctor says. Will report back after the call!

hormone therapy log, shaving, dysphoria 

Day 71: Facial hair dysphoria has reared its ugly head again last week and persists today. Shaving sucks... I am pretty grown out now. Probably about ten days of growth at this point. Too sad tonight to try; I'll see how tomorrow goes.

I'm off work on Thursday, so if I haven't shaved myself by then, I'll go see my barber.

hormone therapy log 

Day 60: Today I've been on hormones for two months, and I am happy. I would prefer to increase my estrogen dosing at my next appointment but I'm happy with my current finasteride dose. I've had no unexpected side effects, though I must say, the changes in my body odor have been difficult to get used to.

gender transition, psych, sex 

Day 19: While I have definitely experienced a marked decrease in daily gender dysphoria and increase in gender euphoria, I still have been experiencing intrusive sexual thoughts, though not as frequently as before hormone therapy began.

Erectile function is still unaffected, and honestly my libido has been higher overall for the last couple weeks! I have had no difficulty orgasming thus far.



Day 17: I definitely have noticed a difference in my body odor, as well as my hair line!

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