Hey! Do you speak French? If yes, I recommend you to check the Twitch channel of Ehnvi_

He is currently streaming on :) Here's the link if you're interested: twitch.tv/ehnvi_

hey everybody, please buy my art!!

please visit my website/portfolio pizzannart.carrd.co there’s a lot of information there about the commissions. you can follow me at instagram and twitter @ pizzannart

i really need the money so i will really appreciate if you commission me or boost this so more people can see it

here are some examples of my art

@porsupah Next year I will apply for a master's degree in mathematics and computer science

@porsupah Thanks I hope too! I plan to study until the doctorate.

Today it's the exams, wish me luck!
I am in the third year of a computer science degree in France πŸ’»

mental health (negative), twitter 

@Olli_W_ Oh yes sure

This could be fun to explore, if you're with the SFPL and aren't sure what to read next: give their librarians at least three of your favorite books, authors, movies, or TV shows, and anything else you'd like, and they'll recommend five books for you.


mental health (negative), twitter 

@Olli_W_ What is the upsetting website?

@porsupah I bought it from Amazon France, maybe you can check if this version exists :ablobcatwink:

Thank you for welcoming me! :blobaww:


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