Mobility aids question 

I've had people close to me recommend I consider a mobility aid for a non-mobility issues I have.
I can't justify the inconvenience of carrying one around for those issues alone, but might be able to if I'd get some other benefit.

The main thing I'm thinking about is whether they might help me with stairs (esp. going DOWN) when I'm having a bad joints and/or balance day?
Or is my current strategy of "Grab the rail for dear life when something feels wrong" just better?

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Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

I say this, as if it's some new thing but actually people have been recommending I at least consider mobility aids for a little while

I think it's mainly just because, despite a huge chunk of my social circle making use of them for reasons other than the obvious mobility, it never really clicked with me that that's even an option
And this was of course when my mobility issues were a bit more manageable, so I just never thought about it until now

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah What sort of aids are you contemplating? If something like a cane, @eclectic showed off a site with some rather fantastic customised canes - something like that would be both practical /and/ worth sporting as an accessory.

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@porsupah @eclectic that was my main thought, unless somebody thought something else would be more appropriate. That sounds definitely sounds worth looking into it I do think it's worthwhile

I had a friend suggest a rollator to me before, and whilst I can definitely see the value, I think it's just too unwieldy for how often I'd benefit (especially when I love up several flights of stairs and sometimes struggle WITHOUT having to drag equipment with me)

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah while i cant speak directly to your situation what I can say is that using a cane has changed my life, and day in and day out shocks me how much it helps.

Without my cane, stairs become a major difficulty, especially going up for me. I do find a cane to help going up and down stairs. you could look into a folding cane, as then it can be easily kept with you but not take too much effort to lug around.

I have more to say in the next one

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah also also:

Use a cane if you think it might help. mobility aids dont require being X amount disabled. They are there to make it easier to get around on the bad days, and to not use when you dont need them!

Your allowed to just... use a mobility aid. Especially as canes can be super cheap (i got mine from a grocery store), why not just... give it a try! It never hurts to have an aid you dont need lying around for a friend who does!

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@eclectic @porsupah thanks for this; I guess realistically the answer was only ever going to be "don't know until you try it", but I suppose I really wanted to check the answer wasn't "Nah, it's literally no good for that you fool"

Despite it being recommended to me a few times, it's taken me a while to get past the "not really disabled/not disabled enough" barrier to entertain the idea, but you're totally right

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah i truly get the struggle of "not really disabled/not disabled enough"

but yknow what? if your struggling enough your even thinking about a cane or mobility aid? your probably pretty valid for wanting one. The average person doesnt have that same thought process.

Moreso, if your struggling with "not being disabled enough," your probably valid in your disability. Because able-bodied folks dont share that struggle

your valid, 100%

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@eclectic @porsupah you'd have thought that I might have learned that lesson after going through the same process with both gender and neurodivergence but alas 😅

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah yep, same here xD.

Its still hard to accept that my body is just... kinda broken honestly but yknow what, were slowly getting there xD

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@eclectic @porsupah I think for me a big part of it is that I have been experiencing a lot of my symptoms (although the difficulty with stairs is definitely relatively new) for most of my life, but I was always dismissed as a child

Makes it hard to accept your disability when you've spent your whole life being told you're making things up or overexaggerating

But again, also getting there - with much thanks to some wonderful disabled friends of mine

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah im glad you have good people in your life. I have a lot of good able-bodied folks in my life helping me accept it.

i definitely also feel that. I recently re-discovered the memory of my step-dad making fun of me "for my stupid little limp" one day when i was being forced to walk 6.9km home.

I've spent my whole life fighting through pain, and accepting it as normal. Accepting that its not normal has been incredibly difficult.

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@eclectic @porsupah I'm sorry you had to grow through that, doesn't sound like a pleasant thing to have to have held onto - I've got a similar memory from when I first started experiencing chest pains

There's a lot to be said for having understanding and supportive people around you

Mobility aids question, personal addendum 

@hannah @porsupah thanks, that totally ended up being a whole like... trauma realization in a sentence and i didnt realize it xD

But yeah. supportive understanding people have literally changed my life and its amazing.

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