Government nonsense, transphobia implied 

Not sure why I'm so anxious about this meeting with ministers tonight when realistically it's going to be "Look! We spoke to representatives! That means we're doing something!"

And like, I know that Lord Herbert, who seems to be largely responsible for this particular GEO thing, does have a track record on LGBT rights stuff but just... eh

I've got no faith in government to be anything other than actively hostile

Even if these people are listening, the government itself is just going to wipe its arse with the notes

Just kind of have to pray they keep the information around until a less horrifically hostile government takes over

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Government nonsense, transphobia implied 

@hannah Which meeting is this?

It's hugely frustrating. The GEO does seem to genuinely want to be useful, but they're so hampered by Truss and pals being actively complicit in helping make queer lives worse.

Government nonsense, transphobia implied 

@porsupah It was a bit of a closed invite-only event on trans inclusion in the workplace

I'm not really sure of the details despite it being in about an hour because the communication to me as a representative has been absolutely atrocious 🙄

Government nonsense, transphobia implied 

@hannah I'm sure all the relevant documentations can be found in a filing cabinet in a disused lavatory somewhere. =:)

Still! Hopefully it actually happens and something comes of it all, despite the cabinet's best efforts.

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