Autism diagnosis (mostly +) 

At long last, after six months of faffing about and being REPEATEDLY referred to the wrong place because my GP never actually ever gave me that information... I finally have a letter about being on the waiting list for autism assessment
It is such a relief to know that everything is in place at long last

On the other hand... they've given me a form to fill out that offer a very confusing set of "Yes/No" questions, that only allows me to expand if the answer is "Yes"... with no option to declare that I'm unsure

And now I have to try and figure out whether certain issues that I have - for which I've never received any sort of support or referral and am only just beginning to seek that out now - fall under "physical disabilities" or "other physical health conditions"

The two things I've had names attached to aren't exactly clear cut (especially as neither is an actual diagnosis) and everything else they're just going to get a disjointed list of symptoms because honestly I don't even know where to begin with a lot of this and it takes forever to arrange all the appointments to get this stuff looked at

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Autism diagnosis (mostly +) 

@hannah Far too many medical forms (especially around neurodiversity stuff) tend to be designed to benefit practitioners and clerical staff instead of being designed to be sensible to the people who have to fill them out.

Autism diagnosis (mostly +) 

@mordremoth don't I know it

I used to have to fill out forms in this exact same format as part of my job - naturally I always took way longer and had way more trouble than other people

For the convenience of staff and carers is definitely right - heaven for bid one of THOSE people have the capacity to fill them out alone

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