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Re-Introduction, Long 

Local idiot keeps spamming public timelines, forgets other settings exist




Trans(-), dysphoria, lewd, kink 

Trans (-), pregnancy, dysphoria, transphobia, apologising to the void 

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Intersectionality is when you're gay and also a gamer

Pre-transition me is the biggest dumbass imaginable
It was far from the only reason I didn't transition sooner, but damn if it wasn't the most consistent reason

Not sure I'll ever forgive the daft little shit

Me, last year: But if I transition I will lose my pretty boy privilege because I would make a hideous girl

Me, now: I have literally gotten 10 times hotter wtf why did I use that shit excuse for three years dumb bitch

Not sure how transition turned me into somebody who has only taken five selfies in their life (and that's if I'm being generous) to somebody who has to take at least five a day or she perishes

Another Selfie, eye contact 

Selfie, eye contact 

Coming out (+ I think?), confusion 

Look I know I keep talking about my boobs a lot and I swear this is the last thing I have to say for a while I'm sorry 

Not sure what the hell happened last night please disregard it entirely

HRT, flooding the timeline with more hornt 

HRT, flooding the timeline with more hornt 

Honestly I really love the fact that I can just slam my tits onto Mastadon and
a) Not have to worry about an employer attaching it to me and ruining my life because I dared to be excited about my growing chest meat
b) Have everybody just kind of knowingly nod from the distance because they UNDERSTAND

Bless this community

Hornt warning, you have all been spared this time 

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